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how to make money on social media

Social media sites are flourishing, and so is the opportunity to make money on social media platforms in 2019. There is plenty of scope for everyone on one or another platform to make some extra money for themselves if you follow the right strategy. 

Today top sites are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. These are helping young peoples to take advantage of the massive following and earn additional cash.

But if you are wondering how people make money on social media platforms or unable to succeed in your efforts, read on to know more. 

Only influencers with thousands of followers can make money? Do social networking sites that pay to these influencers by themself? 

Wrong, you too can make money from SM with followers range in a couple of thousands.  Still, you always need to increase your following to make big money. Let us see how to achieve your goal of monetizing your social media accounts:

How To Make Money on Social Media Through Monetizing Your SM?

The most important factor when you monetize your social media account is the niche. It will help brands or advertisers to approve your application for promotion and start making money through social media.

If you have a decent following on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, you can check out the sites like TRIBE or TAKUMI

However, these sites are strict on the quality of the following you have; hence, not everyone gets approved. There is a significant scope on these sites to get paid for social media posts you make to promote their products. 

Still, there is no harm in trying to connect with these guys to get paid for social media posts.

Learn how to monetize and make money with your tweets and use your your Twitter in a better way.

 If you ask, our top pick of social networking sites that pay money with monetization is Instagram and Facebook.

Consider monetizing your Facebook page with affiliate marketing or blog advertisement. 

Share Affiliate Link

One of the top online income sources of big guys is from affiliate marketing.

You, too, can join in sites like Affiliate Window and Clickbank to go through the products as per your niche and select to promote them through your social media platforms. 

Another great affiliate is Amazon, with almost all type of products, you can choose anything to promote and make money on social media. 

Read more about the Instagram monetization guide that helps peoples earn from their pictures. 

Sell Digital Products

How to monetize social media sites? Create and sell a digital product, or you can sell products created by other peoples with the commission.

It is another excellent way to make money from social media sites is by selling your product. If you are an expert in any niche and can create an ebook, audio/video course, or informative email series, money is not far behind.

Remember, while you create your product quality of the following, do matter. The best practice for promoting your products is to provide some freebies, which will also help you to collect the email IDs of the potential customer.

Sell your skill

Here is another way how to make money on social media. If you possess any particular ability like writing, coding, graphic design, or painting, you can sell the same on social media. 

Buy why someone will trust you just keeping seeing your social media profile? You can post your work through social media accounts and let your following know what you can consider.

It is like providing product samples to the customer by giving them solid proof of your skill. There is an enormous scope about how to make money using social media if you have a demand for your expertise.


Though social media networking sites’ primary use is communication, you can take advantage of them. Learning how to make money on social media sites with the above suggestions. 

Once again, you do not need a huge following to monetize social media sites but a quality following. 

Also, side by side, you need to focus on how to increase your social media following. Which will help you to monetize and make money on social media consistently.

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