Make Money Listening To Music | How Easy Is It To Listen and Earn In 2020?

make money listening to music in your free time online through apps and websites that pay you to listen

Are you a music lover and listen to songs online all the time? Here is how you can make money listening to music through apps and websites?

Yes, it is very much possible, and you can make a few bucks just by listing to music, giving feedback to music companies, and review the new music from different artists. Stay tuned, and you will get to know a unique site that pays well over $10 per song and can be a great way to money for your expenses. If you want some serious work, check out our easiest high paying jobs list.

With time and advancement in technology, today, artists and companies are using the internet. This today is used by companies and music artists to publish the best of their music to a new audience faster than ever.

Along with the above, ordinary people also get a chance to participate by promoting, listening, and reviewing songs. This is why, today, in this article, we have kept your interest in mind, and hope that everyone will find at least one option to try!

Best Make Money Listening To Music Apps And Sites- Best Options Of 2020 For Getting Paid To Listen To Music for FREE!!

As you know, the music industry is thriving, and new tracks are coming out every day which allows artists to make money. When it comes to rating your options, it isn’t easy to know what would work best for you. However, here you will get some overview of such options that you can choose from. You can then take it forward and sign-up for free as these all pay different forms of rewards.

1. Hitpredictor

get paid to listen to music easy with hitpridictor. join and start making money reviewing the music.

Hitpredictor provides an opportunity for you before music get releases for the general public in public domain. Mean you listen to fresh tracks even before anyone else get an hold of it. Sign-up is absolutely free for Hitpredictor website which allows you to listen to tracks.

Once you are in, your job is to listen the music, and leave your rating as per the requirement of the site. Every time you listen and leave rating, you get 3 points with an upper limit of 90 points per hour for an individual.

Moreover, you get an additional bonus for listening to music and rating 15 songs in a week. The bonus is in the form of additional 15 points over your earned as an reward and help you getting paid to listen to music as Amazon cards.

By rating just ten songs, you are eligible for a $5 Amazon card delivered directly to your mail within a week. (Please note that this is only application for the US territory). If you get the VIP access to the site, you can choose to make money listening to music and help record companies get feedback for their next hit in the market.

There is an opportunity to earn $1000 if you send the information of new talented unsigned artists. This amount is paid to you through their program called finders fees. A significant amount indeed for just referring artists, though quite tough to win the same.

Please do ensure that you create only one account as creating multiple accounts is against their terms of services. It can result in your account get disapproved and banned from participating for rating music!

Join them by visiting here.

2. Slicethepie.

Another great site to get paid to listen to music in your free time without much effort. But you only get paid from this site to listen to a recommended track for at least 90 seconds and later writing a review of 50+ words.

Though the payment is not high if you are a new member, as you stay with them and progress further, you get a chance to make more money than beginners.

At the time of registration with them, please do not forget to choose the category of music you would prefer to review going forward. Choose the music category and start listening to music or studying music immediately. As much as $1 million is paid out to the members of this site for 10 million reviews.

The minimum withdrawal amount with them is $10, which is via Paypal, which, without a doubt, is quite fast. Keep in mind that when you write a review, it must be quality and honest; else, you might get into trouble.

Update; This option to make money listening to music is not working anymore!

3. Music Xray

getting paid to listen to music and review with musicxray in 2020.

Here is another site that allows you to get paid to listen to music and for writing your reviews. Again, their pay-outs are not high, but you get a chance to listen to new artists and music before it launches for the bigger audience.

Musicxray is basically for new artists who pay to load their music for industry professionals. As they pay to the site for uploading their music, site pay to listeners to rate and review. Hence, a win-win situation for creators and audiences alike!

Though the primary purpose of this site is to give feedback to artists and profession so that they can improve as per the audience’s mood. The registered users do get a chance to earn money by listening music on this site for leaving honest feedback.

Generally, most pay-outs are quite low; still, there is a potential of making up to $10 and Music Xray earn money chance!

On the reverse prospective, if you are an inspiring musician who is looking for good opportunities with big brands. It has all that you are looking for if you search their opportunity page. If you have the talent and can produce the music as per their requirement, you can make it big faster than you think.

A perfect opportunity to make money from music. You can register with them by visiting their website.

4. PlayListPush

earn-money listening to music with PlayListPush. build you playlist followers and make $12 per review.

This site on our list is especially for those abiding by Spotify users and into playlist creation. If you are one of those who has a playlist with 1000 followers, you can make money listening to music and review the same.

You will be astonished that they pay $12 per song review, which is highest among any of the sites and apps we have listed.

This company helps new artists get more exposure for their music. The same is done through playlist curators who have a good following. Hence it has the condition of min 100 playlist followers to keep up to the high quality feedback.

Hence, if you wish to get some good money from Spotify, you need to build more playlist followers. Then only, you would be in a position to get paid by listening to music!

You can read more of their terms and conditions for the qualification as a curator here.

5. FusionCash

They pay you for listing to the radio, which is not a bad thing when you have some spare time. Like most sites and apps, earning from this site is not huge, as they pay $0.03 for every 30 minutes of music you listen to on the radio.

The best part is, they do not have any upper limit to make money listening to music for their users. Hence, you can spend whatever free time that you have!

You will only make $.50 a day, but you get paid to listen to the music on radio for FREE. If you find that low, you can promote their referral program and generate additional income. Every new person that you refer to them, you are eligible for $1 after confirmation of their emails. Plus, an extra $2 once they start to make money listening to music.

What more, you also get $5 every time your referral cash out, and this is applicable for the lifetime!

Payment options with FusionCash are Check, PayPal, and Direct Deposit. Not bad at all, hence you can give it a try with additional options and earn few bucks during your spare time.

You can join them here.

6. Cash4Minutes

make money listening to music app on radio-music4minutes.

A great way of getting paid to listen to music from the radio broadcast over the internet. Rewards are based on the number of minutes connected to the system of Cash4Minutes. All this while relating to the radio broadcast that is selected by them for the tasks.

Their system is easy to use, but you do get some real money if you choose to register with them through mobile numbers. Yes, you do need to register your mobile number with them to start your earning from listening.

Though their pay-outs are not that high, one might not worry about getting free cash of $0.09 per minute.
You have the option to cash your rewards through Bitcoin, Amazon, or cash in some cases.

So, what are you waiting for!

Start registering with Cash4Minutes, register with your phone number, and make money listening to music for FREE!

Conclusion: Is It Worth Spending Time To Get Paid By Listening To Music?

With this, we come to the final part of this article where you got familiar with some of the sites people use to listen and earn. We understand that the income generated through the sites mentioned above and apps are not significant, still, remember you get free money to use them during free time. Plus, the payments are in different forms, which you can utilize to shop or utilize on as you wish.

If you are looking for a high amount of income and get money by listening to music then your best bet is PlayListPush through Spotify playlist followers. If you want more, here are some high paying part time jobs you can try your luck with. They pay a reasonable amount i.e., $12 per song review, which is excellent, keeping in mind income scope from others getting paid to listen to music apps and sites.

Though you have put quite a reasonable effort to get up to the 1000 playlist followers, which is not easy, you may also consider some other option to earn from survey sites and get $4-$10 for just signing up. Otherwise, try your luck with the gift cards worth $1000 from many reputed online websites.

Do leave your feedback through comment if you enjoyed reading or let us know if other online options can help people make money listening to music on app and website in free time!

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