8 Best Affiliate Marketing Niche Selection Tools!

profitable affilate marketing niches selection tools

You have already decided to start your selection for the best affiliate marketing niche but not sure how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing?

Here, we are trying to answer how you can choose a niche and how to determine if that niche is profitable.

The profitability of this business has two aspects, one the mental barriers and another one is the technical aspects. By going ahead with your business, you have broken the shackle of mental barriers that stop people to take the first leap.

I am sure, you have learned your affiliate marketing lessons from experts and gained the required knowledge to be successful.

If not, no matter how profitable niche you choose or promote the biggest affiliate programs, goal accomplishment will be difficult. Choosing a niche for affiliate marketing is one of those technical aspects that decides your success in the long run.

When it comes to choosing a niche out of all affiliate marketing niches for your blog or for your campaign, few basics always remain intact. Let’s try to see the aspects for selecting the best affiliate marketing niche for you.

How to choose a niche for affiliate marketing?

Choosing the right niche for you is important, it becomes even more important if you are planning to start a blog or website.

No matter if you plan to promote your affiliate product with or without a blog, you cannot make it big, unless you follow basic steps.

Here are your free tools to choose affiliate marketing niches:

1. Let Your Interest take the Lead!

You want to promote the best affiliate marketing niches but, you are more likely to enjoy promoting a niche that matches your interest.

Familiarities in your interest help a great deal while you promote a certain product. If you write a blog, it’s easier for you to write quality content about things you like, which helps generate more sales.

On the other hand, if you plan to promote the product by sending free social media or paid advertisement traffic directly to the merchant’s site. Your interest will come in handy in launching creative campaigns for products, which helps drive more traffic. When you choose an affiliate marketing niche that matches your interest, you also save time analyzing and researching.

I presume, you have a blog and already selected the niche to blog about, which I am sure is familiar to your interest. Then, you can go to affiliate marketing networks sites and start promoting affiliate products that match your blog niche. You have your work cut out for the choice of a niche for affiliate marketing.

If you do not have a blog and want to promote products through another mean, just create a list of niches you think of promoting.

We will let you know in other steps how to use the list.

2. Check What Amazon is Selling

It is always great to choose what you are passionate about, but does peoples have an interest in your passion?

The same formula applies here if you have no idea and struggling with how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing. Go to the world’s largest e-commerce site AMAZON!

It is always handy to find a niche which already selling in the market with vast product categories. No individual has money, time, and strength to do the retail market research, but with Amazon, you can do it in few steps:

Here is how to check what is selling on Amazon and in how many categories. Let’s take yoga for example when I did Amazon search for YOGA:

amzaon search for niche tool

Here is what we found:

  • 10,000 + results for Movies & TV
  • 30,000 + results for Sports & Outdoors : Sports & Fitness
  • 50,000 + results for Books
  • 50,000 + results for Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry: Women
  • 10,000 + results for Kindle Store

In total near 100,000 results in five different categories. People are buying video courses, equipment, books, apparel and kindle books.

The above data pretty much speak for himself, there are people who are spending money on yoga-related items. This is what we want, products from affiliate marketing niches that have demand in the market and selling well!

Use the list we asked you to create earlier, now start analyzing each niche keyword you have listed.

3. What Peoples Search and Stability of Searches

Use Google trends to determine how the search of your interest or listed niches are doing over the past years.

Here is an example of YOGA:

google trends to find affilate niche

As you can see search trends are pretty much stable hence, this is not once in a while trend. Plus if you check the top 5 regions, you will find all developed countries in the top five, but, why that matters?

Because there are people with buying capacity for your affiliate marketing niches and you want them as your customer. You can use your list to determine the search stability of past years for all your keywords and narrow down your list.

I am sure there are still few affiliate marketing niches in your list that made it through all the above points.

Our next step will help you narrow it down further!

Here are free tools to scale the profitability scope of affiliate niches:

How do you know if a niche market is profitable? What is the point of entering into a business when there is no scope of profitability?

We have learned how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing, let’s now check if it’s a profitable niche. But before, let’s answer this simple question!

What is a profitable affiliate niche?

The answer would be:

A profitable niche has a lot of online demand, has related products in micro-niches, has a digital affiliate product to promote. Plus, all the best affiliate marketing networks list them for their affiliates.

Here is how you can determine all of the above answers, by analyzing affiliate marketing niches available.

1. What affiliate networks Selling

Clickbank is one of the favorite sites of online marketers to make money with affiliate marketing. They have some of the most popular affiliate programs on their platform.

Let’s take their help to reach a profitable niche market!

Go to their marketplace and search for the niche you have selected (yoga) and sort by gravity, here is what we get:

clickbank for affiliate marketing niche

Greater the number, better for you to test different products to see what works best for you.

We found 153 products related to our affiliate niche that we can promote.


Because a lot of affiliate product creators are spending their valuable time and money publishing a niche product. A clear sign indeed of high demand in this niche market.

You can also check the number of products related to your affiliate marketing niches in other affiliate marketing sites like ShareASale or CJ.com.

If you find your niche product in your favorite affiliate network sites, you can consider that niche market is lucrative.

Because without demand, no product will survive!

2. Search google with your Affiliate niche keywords

Use google search to identify if your selected niche market is money-making. Go to google, search your niche keyword and look at the search page.

Did you notice a lot of sponsored listings?

These sponsored listings are on top of results and on the right-side panel, if there are a lot, it’s a piece of good news for you.

Why so many sponsored listings on the first page of the world’s number one search engine?

Easy, there is a demand for your affiliate marketing niche, that is why people are spending money on advertising-related products. It also proves that there is a lot of competition among sellers.

More competitors mean a bigger market, which again improves your chances too for selling more.

3. Check YouTube for your Affiliate Niche

YouTube is the number two search engine in the world, the volume of content created daily is of high quality and created keeping demand and market size in mind.

Search your niche keyword in YouTube search and filter by “Channel” + “View Counts”.

affilate niche selection on youtube

Check the collective subscriber base of top 10-15 channels. In millions?

affiliate marketing niche selection with youtube

That’s a go-ahead for you!

This niche is approved by the people who are watching related videos and are in millions!

All three of the above free affiliate marketing niches finding tools will give you a good idea of how profitable is your niche market.

Final Words

Once you follow all of the above tips, your list will have only a few ones left.

It’s now on you to promote these affiliate marketing niches properly to generate revenue.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing secrets, have a look at our affiliate resources.

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