Why You Fail To Gain Instagram Followers?

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You want success with gaining 1000 Instagram followers and engagement but most probably failing till now.

Do not worry, and you are not the only one who is in this situation. Many Instagram users keep making mistakes that buried their accounts in the sea of Instagram content.

Most people who start an Instagram account will never see success as they do not know how the algorithms work. Like others, for you, this might be the reason you need to look upon it.

Here today, I am writing few mistakes that are hampering your growth aspects.

4 reasons You Are Not Gaining Instagram Followers In 2020

You Follow Too Many Account

Are you using black-hat tricks like follow-for-follow to gain followers? If yes, stop doing this right away!

You need to understand that until and unless you signal Instagram that you have an authority account, nothing will change. To be identified as an authority, you need to follow a fewer Instagram account.

By less number, I mean only big accounts (100k or more) who have already stabilized themselves into Instagram space. When Instagram algorithms see whom you follow, they keep your account into the same niche, which results in a high number of engagements.

This is a highly successful strategy which has helped us gain thousands of niche follower in a short period.

Give Value To Your Like

When you want to become successful, you need to be in the company of Instagram account, which is significant.

Liking every single post that turns up in your feed is not a good thing to do. It not only degrades your likes, but you are considered as BOT who gives FREE likes.

Act like you already are an authority and only gives likes big account as soon as they publish their content.

This can also help your account get noticed by these influencers, and you might receive a follow back or engagement from them. If this happens, your account importance will skyrocket in the eyes of Instagram engagement.

Influencers do understand this strategy; that is why they even charge $100 to give engagement to lower account. Even accounts with 10k niche followers can make $500-$1000 a month giving shoutouts to smaller accounts.

You Join Wrong Groups

Though there are many people who out there do not consider joining engagement groups, I believe that if you join the right groups, you will grow much faster.

What kind of engagement groups would I recommend?

One where there are big accounts drop their content, and give you free engagement now and then. But, finding such engagement groups is hard, plus they charge as high as $500 to let you in.

If you have such amount of money, you can become part of them. Otherwise, read how you can gain 1000 followers every day with us!

Afraid of Investment

Listen, you are not going anywhere until and unless you spend hours every day on the Instagram app. This is what Instagram wants from users, spend time on their content.

I came across INSTAGRAM SECRETS when I was looking for gaining followers and making money with Instagram.

It was perfect learning as it was CHEAP and full of secrets that I was unaware of earlier. I learned the following with this wonderful community:

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You, too, can learn how to build a Massive Following on Instagram and Make $500-$1000 per week. Grow Your Dream Online Business WITHOUT Wasting Time Or Money.

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