Instagram Hashtags For Likes – How To Use Hashtags In Instagram Post

instagram hashtags for likes

Hashtags are a great way to enhance the engagement of your social media profiles. Here is this post I will share some of the cool tricks to identify Instagram hashtags for likes on your post.

If you were using Instagram for long, you must be aware of having a cool Instagram bio, and posting photos are a must-have. Instagram has made many changes into its algorithm and making it hard for small accounts to reach a higher number of peoples. Hence keeping yourself up to date and trying new strategies can help you coup with these changes and get more engagements.

In my experience, one that I can vouch on is using top hashtags for Instagram post everytime. If used wisely, they will ensure your content comes up in the search. Just like using trending topics on Twitter, let us see how these can help your Instagram:

5 Ways to use Instagram hashtags for likes

Use 30 Hashtags

best hastags for instagram likes

By default, you are allowed to use 30 for each post, which is more than enough to get noticed. Without fail, using all 30 hashtags in your post is a great way to take maximum advantage of top Instagram hashtags for likes. By this, you will increase your chances of getting higher reach for each carefully crafted content. You can see this as reaching out to the peoples instead of waiting for them to find you through a clear Instagram search.

If you have doubts about using these, many will hide your cool Instagram caption. Let me make it clear that this is only a misconception, and maybe people reach such a conclusion as they only show the first part of our post. 

Do not worry and start using the maximum number of top hashtags for Instagram post without fail. A way to get the best of these is when you combine them with a cute caption looks through an Instagram font generator.

Relevant Hashtags To Post


When using the maximum top hashtags for Instagram post, another important thing to keep in mind is the relevance to your post. The way your Instagram username ganerator alwyas has a keyword or relevant to topic, the same applies with hashtags too. It is where many users go wrong and, as a result, blame Instagram for the lower reach. Remember, people use hashtags to find things that they are interested in, and the first thing that they see is your image coming up. For sure, they will scroll down to search if your tag will return an irrelevant image to the hashtag. 

For example, a post on mobile photography tricks should be matching with the hashtags that reflect the subject. Using one related to food or nature here would be a disaster for your content. It becomes more critical if you operate a business with Instagram and depend on leads or sales through your posts.

Think of it like you use Google search to find answers to your queries that resemble the tags. These are so powerful that many even consider to change Instagram username to inicoude these in their name. Anyway, in the form of top hashtags for Instagram post, you have a great tool to expand the content reach for free with a chance to gain more followers in your niche.

Hashtags Analytics

analyze hashtags for engagement

Once you are done with the above tips to identify best Instagram hashtags for likes, now is the time to analyze. I am sure you must be aware of searching for a particular hashtags shows you two different options, the first top one and the second recent.

To get the better out of them, you must be featuring in either one of these search results. Ideally, your post should feature in these tabs to get a higher amount of engagement, which is not an easy task. You have done your best by creating Instagram stories, quality images, and caption to reach more people. Wait for a few hours and search for your app to see if you are featuring there or not. Keep an close eye on the number of comments and likes of top posts and check what they are using.

It will give you an idea of a new one apart from using top Instagram hashtags for likes. If you are planning to make money with Instagram, analyzing the performance and growth of account are unavoidable.

Different Hashtags Test

hashtags for photos

Most probably, you have a list of all the top Instagram hashtags for likes that are relevant to your niche. Though it is a good thing to keep a record of hashtags ready with you to make posting faster, what’s the point without testing and experimenting with what is working and what is not?

Experiments with other aspects such as asking a question on Instagram, color scheme, and Instagram feed grid play a vital role in an account. Likewise, if you find your list of top hashtags for Instagram photos working, maybe this is the right time to test a few more. It is a good practice to check the performance of your hashtags and keep adding a new one to your list. That means repeating the same hashtags for every post is a no-no, try to change your hashtags which reflect the content. 

Plus, why would you want to send signals to the Instagram algorithm that you are a bot and not a real person?

Both of the above reasons are good enough for you to change hashtags a few times, if not frequently. So, to use the above strategy next time, prepare a list of different groups for days/events/image/mood to get the best Instagram hashtags for likes and engagement. Analyzing the performance of your hashtags is much easier if you use automated tools like Later, Hootsuite, Buffer, and Stim Social Instagram, but none are free!

Less Popular Hashtags

how many hastags for each post

As shared above, using the maximum number with relevance for your post is a good idea. Make it a winning combination by using best Instagram hashtags for likes, which are not crowded by the extensive use. Lately best one is those who are not popular but highly relevant to the niche you are following.

One which is used by millions of users, including those used by brands, businesses, and people who become Instagram influencer, tends to make your post lost. Chances of your compete with them are slim, hence it is a good idea to use less popular ones. Using hashtags for Instagram bio also helps to let users know that what your account is all about.

However, ignoring high used is not right, so you can try to mix it up a little bit to see what results you are getting. When you become popular on Instagram, you can then see growth with highly crowded hashtags. So the conclusion is to use less popular Instagram hashtags for likes to get noticed by people.

Final Words

It is not difficult to get on top of a particular hashtag for Instagram search if you put up your best efforts on all the aspects. By adopting the above tips for your Instagram strategy, I think you can do better with your reach. 

There is no single aspect that can claim to make you grow your account independently. Always apply all of the best practices for faster growth, and using hashtags is just one of those which is FREE. 

Before I end this post, let me recap what is described above:

  • Use maximum number and keep a list of groups ready
  • Keep them relevant to your niche and picture
  • Mix most popular and less popular hashtags for Instagram post
  • Experiment with different hashtags to see their impact
  • Analyze, experiment and repeat

Remember, till now, with frequent updates with their algorithm, the best Instagram hashtags for likes and engagement are useful to grow your account! 

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