Instagram Monetization – Make Money With Instagram 2019

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Instagram monetization guide

Are you looking for opportunities and want to learn how to make money with Instagram monetization? If your answer is a big YES, here in something you would love to go through. We are sharing some of the top methods and how to monetize Instagram account in this article.

Instagram is one of the top social media sites in term of active users. Advertisers and brands are searching for influencers who can promote their products to Instagram users.

One of my earlier posts, I shared a few ideas, tips, and methods to make money with social networking. Said post was to brief of all major networks that can help increase your earning online. But, this post is in detail to know how to make money on Instagram monetization. Also, I would brief how quality and quantity followers impact sponsorship on Instagram.

While many peoples focus on the numbers of followers. Low followers count with quality is always a high priority. Keep growing your account with good images, hashtags, and engagements.

Though the number of quality followers raises your chances for sponsorship on Instagram. There is no guarantee that you will get noticed by brands only for followers numbers. Still, a high number of followers increase chances to make money with Instagram monetization.

If you feel that your Instagram followers count is too low to start monetization on Instagram. I would suggest learning how to make it big on Instagram, stay active and increase your engagements.

How much you will earn from Instagram monetization depends on the quality followers. But how many Instagram followers do you need to get paid?

I think it would be difficult for anyone to suggest a number as an answer to the above question. Yet, with my previous experience, 5000 “niche specific followers” are good to go. But, you can go with your experience of a “good” number for Instagram monetization.

Again, apart from followers, engagements, frequency, and quality posts do play a role. Hence, people with quality low follower do make money with Instagram monetization.

A separate post will be published on how to get more Instagram followers fast some other day. Meanwhile, you can check our guide to make it big on Instagram with an easy three-step guide.

Back to the topic, here are easy used Instagram monetization methods to earn money with Instagram:

1. Let Experts Help You

Out of total Instagram users, roughly only 1% take full advantage of its potential. These are the one on the opposite side of the system and make money with Instagram.

Many peoples like you who too want to be on the same side. But have no ideas on how to achieve what they want. What’s great about this Instagram money tip is simplicity. You let experts help you to realize your Instagram earning dreams.

All this by keeping your day job and take this as a side job to help generate extra money for you. You could be paying your house rent, college fees or buying a new car with it.

This can help you to become an Instagram celebrity and cash your Instagram photos for FREE!!

To start with, you can join ProfitGram for less than $40. Remember, this is with 100 days money-back guarantee, hence you try it for almost FREE!!

make money on Instagram

If anytime during these 100 days you feel like ProfitGram is not working for you as it is for other. You can ask for your money and the same will be done without asking any question.

I suggest you start TODAY with its membership. Which has helped many like you turn their Instagram profile into a cash machine? There is no limit on how much money Instagram can make for you if you know the secrets.

How to make money on Instagram with ProfitGram membership? How will this help you learn how to make money with Instagram?

Because you will learn with access to following:

  • You will become an exclusive member that can access the secrets.
  • Step by step system, you only need to copy the system to take benefit.
  • Expert tips and tricks to earn money from Instagram, which is exclusive.
  • Successful peoples sharing their studies to help you achieve your money goal.
  • Secrets of Instagram no one tells anyone straight from the masters.

Moreover, If you join today, you will get a 100-day money-back guarantee. Which means, zero loss to you in case you didn’t make money with Instagram monetization. All this ifyou feel you can Invest $40 and convert them to over $750 each week! (p.s. They have limited membership slots, hence I am not sure they will still let you in)

Here is the link to Join and Try ProfitGram FREE.

2. Sell What You Buy on Instagram

How to make money with Instagram monetization selling brand products? Simply promote items that you have used or bought for yourself. Yes, it is always easy to sell things which you have bought and tried. This is a marathon way if you want to know how to make money on Instagram with a stable income.

How to promote on Instagram?

This is a major point and you must have seen the Instagram stars share their stuff all the time. Most popular influencers earn money with Instagram monetization through these product images. These products are one that they bought for personal use.

For example, you can post pictures of a dress you recently bought. With a link in profile to the online store from where you bought the same. If peoples like the product, they can click on the link and buy the same product.

In this process, you will make a commission from the affiliate link you have posted. Before you post the link, please do enroll for the affiliate program of that e-commerce company. By this, you will make money with Instagram monetization through their affiliate program.

World’s number one e-commerce site Amazon too have such program for their users. Do not forget to take advantage of your next shopping.

For those who are seriously thinking about making money with Instagram. There best chance stands with fashion, food and fitness niches. Why? because product from these niches is among the most popular on Instagram to promote. Once again a reminder to you about quality of followers and not in quantity to use this method.

3. Advertise for Big Brands on Instagram

If you have reached a decent following say, a couple of thousands and your followers are super active. This is something that you must try and learn how to monetize Instagram.

But, how to make money on Instagram if you have a following?

You can let brands know your interest in promoting them on Instagram. Now, you must be thinking about how to contact these big companies for advertisement? Or, how to get sponsored on Instagram?

Sponsorship websites are the answer to both questions. Simply, get registered with these websites which connect peoples like you with brands.

Here is a short-list of sponsorship on Instagram websites to get your profile registered.


sponsorship on Instagram with cooperatize

One of the best Instagram sponsorship websites is Cooperatize. They connect content creators with sponsors through easy steps. Their database has over 20,000 + Instagram registered influencers. Which speaks for their popularity. Get registered with them to spot by brands interested in Instagram promotion. Once onboard, you can start to learn how to make money with Instagram monetization with them.

Sway Group

sway group influencer network

Another sponsorship on Instagram websites that have got a good database of Influencer and companies. They help micro-influencer to connect with sponsors and brands. If you have the right content, brands are looking for peoples like you. Start to grab this opportunity to make money on Instagram with sponsorship websites.


Izea offers sponsorship to influencers

One of the largest Instagram sponsorship websites. Their platform helps influencers and content creators connect. They help small players get their content monetized. You can also get your other social account registered with them. Not only Instagram but you can also register Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Here is a short video on how to make money on Instagram by collaborating with brands:

4. Affiliate Marketing is good to monetize and make money with Instagram

Another good way to make money is by starting affiliate marketing on Instagram. If you are not aware of how to make money with Instagram and affiliate products. Here you would be selling products for other companies through your Instagram account.

Websites like Clickbank, Affiliate Window, ShareASale have a large list of products to sell. Affiliate marketing is one of the top income sources of many top bloggers. You can also make money with affiliate marketing if you have a blog or website.

If you do not have a blog or website, same products you can sell through affiliate marketing on Instagram. .

While selecting a product to sell on Instagram. One thing to keep in mind is the niche or interest of your followers. This is the key to your success with an Instagram affiliate promotion. To know more read my guide to learn affiliate marketing secrets and how selecting a profitable affiliate marketing niche can help you earn more.

5. Sell your products

If you are a manufacturer, this is the best way for you to make money with Instagram selling your products. Or, otherwise, if you are an expert of any specific niche, you can create a product to offer your audience.

For specialized people like a writer, you can sell your books to Instagram followers. Content writers do sell a lot of their writing services to the Instagram following. In either case, you can use your product for monetization on Instagram.

While you promote your products, its drive double benefit for your product or company. You can use this to increase brand awareness and making product sales.

6. Sell Your Services

If you are a service provider, Instagram can be a good medium to promote them. Services like social media account management, Classroom courses or writing services sell well on Instagram.

For those who are expert in Instagram marketing, what better platform you need? Selling services for Instagram account management is quite popular among social media services.

You can make good money with Instagram monetization through your services.

7. Monetize with Shout-out through your Account

Yes, this is another way to make money with Instagram. If you have a decent following, you can sell shout-outs to other for promoting their account. Though money made through this method is not big, still you can make $5-$50 per day without much of an effort.

8. Drive Traffic To Make Money With Instagram Through Ad Revenue.

Not a traditional method to monetize Instagram, but works fine for owners of website or blog. With over 500 millions active users, there is always a scope to drive interested one to your article.

Posting click-worthy content regularly can drive some good niche-specific traffic to your blog. You must be asking how to make money with Instagram through traffic?

The answer is displayed advertisement, affiliate marketing, and email marketing on your blog. Yes, it is not directly related to Instagram but you can capture leads for your product to remarket later.

A good example of the method is an e-commerce website who use this to its full potential. Here, I am not talking about big brands, but Shopify site owners also. These small online store owners do earn thousands of dollar every month through Instagram traffic.

Final Words...

All of the above methods on how to make money with Instagram are easy. Please do leave a comment on your method on how to monetize Instagram or let me know if you want me to add one I missed to include.

Instagram is free and you can earn from Instagram monetization to take advantage. Start revamping your Instagram profile for quality followers to help you earn more.

I hope you liked this short guide to make money with Instagram monetization.

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2 thoughts on “Instagram Monetization – Make Money With Instagram 2019

  • 27th August 2019 at 5:28 am

    Man that was very nice ways to monetize my Instagram account. I have near 3000 followers now and wsa looking for something that can help me make money.

    One question though…. Brands always favour the big account, any trick to get hired by them for their promotion?

  • 31st August 2019 at 8:10 am

    Though I agree with most of the points you shared for monetizing a Instagram account.
    I would like to share my personal experience:

    Tried creating multiple account to make money – failed
    Worked on Fitness niche to promote health related products -Failed
    Focused on one account for three months, including followers, creating content daily – Success

    Yes, quality of followers do matter, In fact I say they are the only thing that matter. Many would not agree with me but most individual will fail when it comes to creating frequent content and post.

    Sponsorships are not easy to come your way, You need 10000+ followers before your profile be considered.

    In my opinion the best way for few accounts to make money with Instagram is promoting affilate offers.

    Anyway, thanks for your article…


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