Make Money On Instagram-Quick Monetization Guide

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Instagram is one of the favourite social media sites in the world and gives you an opportunity to earn from Instagram followers free of cost.

In our earlier post on how you can make money on social media where we shared brief of all social media sites helps you to make money.

This post is in detail on how to make money on Instagram with quality followers and Instagram sponsored websites.

Our focus again is on the point on numbers of followers on Instagram.

While many peoples focus solely on the numbers of followers, low followers count with quality is always a high priority.

You can take your time and use evergreen strategy of good pictures, hashtag use for easy free Instagram followers.

Only, if you feel that your Instagram followers count is too low to start making money with them. Stay active, increase your engagements with other accounts to gain followers.

How much you earn from Instagram monetization is totally depends on the quality part.

People with quality follower get paid for Instagram posts more often than high followers count with low quality.

If you want to hear a number, I trust 1000 niche specific followers would be a good number to start with.

A separate post will be published on how to get more Instagram followers fast some other day.

Meanwhile, you can check our guide “Road to become Instagram Famous and Not Just being Popular“.

So, here are the ways you can earn from Instagram monetization and your followers.

1 – How to make money on Instagram? Let expert help you

Out of total Instagram users worldwide, merely 1% take full advantage of Instagram.

They are the one on the opposite side of the system and make money from Instagram.

There are many peoples like you who want to make money with Instagram but have no ideas how you can achieve what they want.

What great about our next Instagram money tip is easiest one with peoples helping you to achieve your online money dreams.

You can do this by keeping you day job and starting this as a side job to help generate extra money for you.

You could be paying your house rent, college fees or maybe buying a new car with it.

All above while you become a Instagram celebrity and cash Instagram photos that too almost FREE!!

To start with, you can join ProfitGram for less than $40.

Remember, this is with 100 days money back guarantee, hence you try it for almost FREE!!

If anytime during these 100 you feel like ProfitGram is not working for you as it is for other.

You can ask for your money and same will be done without asking any question.

Start TODAY with the ProfitGram membership that helps many like you turn their Instagram profile into cash machine.

In fact, there is no limit how much money Instagram can make for you if you know the secrets.

How to make money on Instagram with ProfitGram membership?

How will this help you to generate money with Instagram followers?

because you will have access to:

  • You will become an exclusive member that can access the secrets on Instamoney inside.
  • Step by step system, you only need to copy the system to take benefit.
  • Expert tips and tricks for Instagram Money that are not for everyone.
  • Successful peoples sharing their studies to help you achieve your money goal.
  • Secrets of Instagram no one tell anyone straight from the masters.

Moreover, If you join today, you will get 100 day money back guarantee!!

Which means, you will lose nothing in case you didn’t start making money with Instagram followers!

If you feel you can Invest $40 and convert them to over $750 each week! (p.s. They have limited membership slots, hence I am not sure they will still let you in)

Here is the link to Join and Try ProfitGram.

2 – Sell What You Buy on Instagram

How to make money on Instagram? Simple sell items that you have used or bought for yourself.

Yes, it is always easy to sell things which you have bought and tried.

This is a marathon way if you want to know how to make money on Instagram with stable income.

How to promote on Instagram? 

This is a major point and you must have seen the Instagram stars share their stuff all the time.

Most popular peoples make money with Instagram by uploading pictures of products they have bought.

For example, you can post pictures of your dress with the link to the online store from where you bought the product.

If peoples like the product, they can click on the link in your bio and buy the same products.

In this process, you will make a commission from the affiliate link you have posted.

Before, you post the link, please make sure you enroll for the affiliate program of e-commerce companies make  money with Instagram.

If you are serious about making money with Instagram fashion, food and fitness are the most popular category on Instagram to promote.

Once again a reminder to you that number of Instagram followers doesn’t matter but the quality of followers who are active.

3 – Advertise for Big Brands on Instagram

If you have reached a decent following say, a couple of thousands and your followers are super active.

But, how to make money on Instagram with your follower base?

You can let brands know that you are interested in publishing an advertisement for them and earn from Instagram.

Now, you must be thinking how you can contact these big companies for advertisement or how to get sponsored on Instagram?

The answer is, get registered with the sites which connect peoples like you with brands.

To answer how to make money on Instagram, here is a short list of Instagram sponsorship websites where you can get your profile registered to make money with Instagram posts.


One of the best Instagram sponsorship websites, they connect content creators to sponsors with easy steps and creators earn from Instagram.

They have over 20,000 + Instagram influencers registered with them who get produce sponsored content for brands on Instagram.

Once with them, you can start your Instagram monetization with sponsored posts to make money.

Sway Group

Another Instagram sponsorship websites that has got a good database of Influencer and companies ready for sponsorship deals.

They help micro-influencer to connect with sponsors.

If you have the right content and decent following, brands are always looking for promotions through different campaigns.

You too can grab this opportunity to make money with Instagram followers.


One of the largest Instagram sponsorship websites used by influencers and content creators for all social platforms.

They help small players to get their content to monetize.

Check our post on how to monetize a Facebook page and making money with pay per tweet.

Here is a short video on how to make money on Instagram by collaborating with brands:

4 – How to make money on Instagram? Start Affiliate Marketing!

Another good way to make money is by starting affiliate marketing on Instagram.

If you are not aware how to make money with Instagram and affiliate products.

A quick definition is that you would be selling products for other companies through your Instagram account.

Sites like Clickbank, Affiliate Window, ShareASale have a large list of products to sell.

Affiliate marketing is one of the top income sources of many top bloggers.

You can also make money with affiliate marketing if you have a blog or website.

Same products you can sell through affiliate marketing on Instagram if you do not have a blog or website free of cost and earn from Instagram.

While selecting a product to sell on Instagram, keep in mind the niche or interest of your followers which is key to success.

You can learn affiliate marketing secrets to do more sales and process of selecting a profitable affiliate marketing niche for you.

5 – Instagram Monetization with your own products

If you are a manufacturer, this is the best way for you to learn how to make money with Instagram from your products.

Or, otherwise, if you are an expert of any specific niche, you can create a product which you can offer to your followers and earn from Instagram.

For specialized people like writer, you can write a book and sell it through Instagram followers, or you can offer your writing services to your followers.

In either case, you can make money with Instagram by selling your own products or increase your sale.

Final Words.

Instagram is free and you can take advantage to earn from Instagram monetization and followers with your own product.

You can start revamping your Instagram profile for quality followers to promote products on Instagram and get paid.

This is how to make money on Instagram with your own products and bring in broader engagement for your product.

I hope you liked this short Instagram monetization guide to get well verse with the Instagram earning tricks.

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