Business With Instagram 2020- How To Start An Instagram Business

business with instagram

This is for those who have a good Instagram profile and want to start a business with Instagram. Here in the article I am sharing best and easy ideas that can help you generate a income from your account.

Though these ideas are not new, if done right, you too can make something out of these in the saturated Instagram world. A good point about this is  that you can start these small business without any investment which need only your free time.

Business With Instagram – Basic Requirement Using Instagram For Business?

We all know that Instagram account is free for all like other sites but is leading today when it comes to making money on social media. But before you start reading further, here are few tips for making your account ready for the business with Instagram.


Make sure that you have quality and engaging followers for your profile. Otherwise, your efforts will not bear the kind of success you have in your mind. Creating good content with frequent updates can help you achieve your profile with good number of followers. In case you want to take the help of automated tools, here is stim social review that I wrote earlier. This Instagram tool can help you speed up your following without many efforts.


If you are new, start with choosing the right username for an Instagram profile as it plays a vital role in ranking you higher for search terms. In case, you already have a profile and think missing on the niche name advantage, and you can change your name to a good one. Here are few Instagram username generators that can help you generate some cool ones. Believe it or not, this can play a vital role when you are planning to start a business with Instagram as the username is visible clear Instagram search terms.


Take advantage by writing a cool Instagram bio that can help you get more followers. Ideally, one should include the niche relevant words that grab the attention of visitors in a few seconds. You can learn how to write the bio right way with some research or by visiting the popular accounts.

Be Unique

Going for different fonts and not the default one also helps to stand out from the competition. You can do it by visiting many Instagram font generators online and choose what suits your personality. Once you are done selecting one for your profile, you can use them in bio. Learn how to write an Instagram caption for your content that grabs eyeballs of visitors. Indeed, the caption must be cool that can help you make more followers for your profile and drive more engagements for your content.

Top ideas for business with instagram

how business use instagram

1. Affiliate Marketing

It is considered one of the easiest (but time-consuming) business with Instagram ideas. Just in case you do not know how this works, you can check how to do the affiliate marketing for better results.

Right now, in simple words, it is promoting someone else’s service or product and earn a commission for the sale. There are many companies that you can check out like Clickbank, Amazon, JVZoo, etc. for more information.

Without any doubt, this is one of the top online money making ideas without investment. You can make some good money if you know how to drive traffic to your landing page. But, to sell affilate products, please ensure that you do not push too much otherwise, there is always a fear of losing followers on Instagram due to too many product posts.

2. Sell Your Photos

Everyone knows that Instagram for business is an excellent platform for visual content, and too you can take advantage of that. For those who love to do mobile photography and want to make money with your mobile camera, this is a great choice. Attracting customers is much easier than building your own website as you can find a lot of interested customers.

If you are a professional photographer, there are many stock websites to sell your photos in which you can try to earn money online. This is an excellent idea of a business for Instagram where photography lovers and professionals alike are available.

3. Sell Products

With millions of peoples using Instagram for business daily, it becomes a perfect platform to sell any product. If you can find a cheap, trendy, and relatable product for young peoples, even kids make money online. Though it is not limited to young peoples, products that attract youngsters tend to do much better than others.

You can send your audience directly towards to the product pages or can create a niche website for you to sell. Consistent posting is a key to monetize Instagram with products selling and boost your sales. Though there are many apps to sell stuff, you can try separately, but their reach is not as big as Instagram.

4. Become an Influencer

This is one of the best ideas of business with Instagram that everyone dreaming right now with an online presence to become an Instagram influencer. Though the race to achieve this is not easy, but with the right strategy, you can achieve the same. It is the reason that I consider it as one of the top money making app for Android and iPhone equally.

You can read more about how to become Instagram famous and what exactly it takes to be one. Here are a few brief steps one should take to reach there.

  • Create an account and develop a good following
  • Go ahead with a business account from a personal account
  • Learn mobile photography tricks skills
  • Create consistent scheduling for posting quality content
  • Collect business for Instagram post ideas and stick to a schedule
  • Do not restrict your profle to images only, making money with Videos is easier
  • Know more about how to using right hashtags
  • Learn how to find the right affiliate product
  • Choose a product or service which you want to promote
  • Get paid by selling other products

As mentioned earlier, above are some of the points that can help you become an Instagram influencer. However, you can research on your own, create a plan, and start acting on it. There is no limit on how you can make money with Instagram, check out this $750/week Instagram trick that you can try today!

5. Evergreen Blogging

business for instagram 2020

When it comes to top business for Instagram, blogging is one of my favorite ways. Its free, easy, and simple to make Instagram + blogging is a winning combination. What more, both of these are free if you do not want to spend money to start a business with Instagram

Choosing a blog niche may take some time, but if you can find a good one, you can make some good money online. Another good part about blogging is that you can do it as a part time job after your day job. One of the most comfortable small business for ladies that can help them generate income while taking care of their kids from home. On the other hand, if you are still studying, this can be one of the best jobs for college students online to generate a money for them.

The flexibility of blogging from home is well known for the professional who is doing this for long. If you are wondering why I am considering blogging good ideas for business with Instagram, here are few facts:

Blogs earn their revenue from the following:

  • Display advertisements
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts or content
  • Selling advertisement space

For all of the above, one needs traffic, and Instagram for business is a great platform to find a new audience for your blog and drive traffic. A simple, secure, and achievable business with Instagram that anyone can scale up!

Final Thoughts on Ideas For Business With Instagram!

The above ideas are only a few of the main popular ones. You can also find your idea, test it, and see how that can help you generate revenue for you. But, one thing is sure that you can earn some right amount of money for free online. Plus, you can start above as perfect jobs without higher education from anywhere without much of investements.

I hope that you will like the ideas for business with Instagram that I have mentioned above to give you a briefing of potential this holds.

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