20 Best Money Making Apps For Android and iPhone Users

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best money making apps for andoid and ipone users

If a smartphone is part of your daily life, I am sure you would love to go through this money making apps list. These are some of the best and useful apps that can bring in many rewards by only staying at your phone.

As most of the peoples who use their smartphone spent time on things that do not bring in any reward. These money making apps for android phones and iOS are free to use, easy to install and smooth to use.

Out of the total listed, I cannot say what apps make you the most money? But you will get cash card, gift card, coupons from them.

Those who always doubt and askes “does make money app really pay? may get disappointed going through our list. As I have listed the ones that do pay to its users.

Also, a piece of good news is that these money making apps free download are available for all OS.

Let’s start making money on apps with below list


This is one of the favorite money making survey apps of many. Using this is simple, download and install the app on your phone. You can take surveys and earn points which later converts into PayPal cash and gift card. No doubt, due to the feature and opportunities, this one is my number one pick for top 10 money earning apps.


Another making money on apps opportunity that can help you earn up to $75 per survey. This is, of course, some of the highest-paid in their field. Download this money making apps to earn welcome bonus and chance to make up to $2000 per month.


This app made to our list due to many options for you to make money. Not only you can take a survey, but you also get paid for online search, watch videos and playing games. For every task that you will complete on this app, you will get the SB coins. You can later convert them into a gift card or PayPal cash.


Making money by apps of Inboxdollars comes with many features. You will get paid for reading emails, surveys, search and downloading recommended apps. Why am I recommending this one? Because they are close to 20 years in business and have paid almost $10 million to their users.


When you join this app, you are eligible for a $3.00 bonus with the opportunity to make money. Some of the paid tasks that this money making apps offers are surveys, referral income, reading emails. Upon joining, you will start receiving a surveys which generally are of 10-20 minutes. Payment cycle is quite good for Panda Research, you will receive payment twice a month.


For those who love to use their smartphone to browse the web, this money making apps is a must install. You will get $50 per device yearly by only keeping this app. Nielsen app runs in the background of your device and analyzes the usage of the internet.


For those who are frequent Amazon shoppers, this is a great app to make money. This takes only a few extra minutes of your time by sharing your purchase history with them. Every time you allow this app to access your Amazon buy history, you get $3 gift card each month. Shopping alongside making money on apps easy and smooth without any hassle.


Want to invest spare change from your online purchases? Here is the Acorns app that does this on your behalf. This will round off your change to the nearest dollar and invest on your behalf. Acorns the investment app helps you convert spare change into an investment. You can sign-up to this app to get your $5 bonus immediately.


Another easy to use money making apps that give you money doing many things. They pay for surveys and for keeping their app on your phone. Upon sign-up, you are eligible for a $5 gift card.


This app pays a $10 signup bonus, plus their referral program is amazing. You get extra $5 every time someone sign-up using your referral link. Additionally, you can make money with daily exclusive deals and promo codes for huge discounts.

Few more must try apps for extra cash

android and iphone money making on app

This gives you a refund for your online purchases through price drop difference. For example, if you have bought an item for $100, but later there is a price drop to $90. You will get $10 refund from them…how cool is that? But they do not do this for free, they will charge 25% of total refund every time you get one in your account. Still, not bad money making apps that help you to save money on your purchases.

  • TRIM

Want to save money on unwanted subscriptions, then this is a perfect app for you. This app work as your financial manager for free, by tracking all your subscriptions. App sort out subscriptions that you no longer need and unsubscribed to save money for you.

  • DROP

Another opportunity for money making on app download and usage. This one helps you earn a point on your debit or credit card purchases on all items. All you have to do is install the app and fill the necessary required information. They ask for your full name, email and connect your cards. In case your worries about your data, their encryption software is good enough to take care of them. Upon installation, you need to select the best of 5 stores that you do your shopping most frequent.

  • UBER

Yes you read it right, UBER in our list of making money on apps opportunities. You can make quite a good amount of side income from ride-sharing in your vehicle. When you travel far for your job, this is the right apps to let other passengers share your ride and makes up to $30 per hour.


Another one from UBER, this app is into the delivery of food. But anyone can apply to become part of UberEATS and earn money delivering food.

  • LYFT

Like UBER this is another app that can help you make money. If you are looking for a job, this is a perfect one for you to make up to $300 bonus per month apart from your ride rental. Their approval is easy and upon registration, you can expect to get the approval within 48 hours.


Got an extra car at home? Getaground can help you make up to $10,000 per year by sharing them with others. It’s among many best money making apps which are quite flexible for their subscribers.


For those who have some extra time with them to use. They can make money by delivering food for local restaurants through this app. The demand is so high that almost everyone who applies can get hired for this job. You can install this money making apps on iPhone or Android devices.


Great app that helps you make money while you review the music for them. This app is to help new musicians get feedback on the quality of their music. What you need to keep in mind is genuineness of your review, as generic one will not get through. Apart from getting money to review, you are eligible for referral income from your referral link.


This stands out among much health-related money making apps. They pay you for walking and losing the desired weight. Earning money with app is easy by setting the weight loss goal and achieving it. For those who are eager to lose weight and make some extra income, this is the best app.


You know the best part about all the above apps are that you can use many of them at once. If you are not able to make your mind about choosing one to start with. Here are our recommended three of the best money making apps:


So, in your opinion and previous experience which is the best app to earn money online? I would love to know your experience on the usage, functionality, and income that you made with them.

Additionally, you can also read my recommended freelance app testing online jobs to make up to $750 per week.

In case, you have any other opportunity for making money using apps that needs to feature in the above list? Leave a comment with the link to that app so that I can include the same.

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