Get Paid For Losing Weight With Top Fitness Apps

Getting fit and looking good is the main motivator one start exercise. Fitness freaks spends quite a good amount to stay fit and lose weight. But, how about you get paid for losing weight?

Yes, we will see how we can earn money from our daily fitness and workout routines.

This is for those who want to increase their fitness levels, lose weight while earning money. I like this incentive that brings health with a bit of wealth to me.

Is it for real? How can you get paid to exercise?

Yes, you can now get paid for even your regular workout schedule. Thanks to the enormous number of fitness apps that pay you to work out. Below listed apps are some of the top available free fitness apps download.

Before we move forward, I would recommend to read about apps that pays you to listen music and apps that pays you to watch videos.

Best Fitness Apps to get paid for losing weight:

1. HealthyWage

Our number one choice is HealthyWage which gives rewards to users for exercise. Not only this fitness app is convenient to use but can help you to lose weight in the process.

Why this is the best health app in the market? The widespread recognition from mainstream media says a lot about its popularity. A free download of this health app is available for Android or iOS operating systems.

healthwage weight lose app that pay to exercise

How to get paid for losing weight through HealthyWage?

Download, get registered, set-up your account and start verifying your existing weight. Next step would be to define a weight loss goal with a timeline and bet your own money.

You get paid to lose weight app checks if you have achieved your goal (within the timeframe) against your bet. Upon confirming, you will get reward money either via Amazon credit or PayPal money.

There is another fun way to get paid for losing weight and that is participating as a group. You can choose to make a team with your family members or friends and help each other win rewards.

2. Pact Fitness App

As the names suggest this fitness app is a “pact” between you and your goal. Simply, achieve your goal and get paid as a reward for your hard work!

Like any other fitness app, this too is quite easy to use and operate. Here is how:

  • Download this fitness app on your smartphone
  • Sign-up with all the necessary information
  • Create weekly pacts like Food logs, Gym schedule, and Vegetable pacts

So, you can get paid to follow your regular eating and exercise plan. On the other hand, you will lose money (by not earning) if you do not stay on your pact.

Indeed, a must-try health app!

3. DietBet App

dietbet helps yuo to get paid for losing weight

This health app helps get paid for losing weight with a lot of promises. Till date, this app has paid almost $21 million to weight loss target achievers. Additionally, there is an $1000 incentive for their subscribers according to them.

DietBet is a perfect get paid to workout app that helps you to lose weight. Another astonishing fact as per them is that 90% of their users were able to lose weight as per the fixed schedule.

So, download and start your fitness challenge while making some money.

4. Charity Miles Fitness App

Do you love walking or running every morning? If yes, download the charity miles fitness app which pays 0.25 cents per mile you walk or run.

Although, some may consider the earned amount as low. But do understand that you are getting paid for things you are already doing, which no one will mind!

Money earned from this fitness app is for charity like wounded warrior project or stand up to cancer. Who wouldn’t want to stay fit and contribute to the above causes?

You use cycling as your fitness routine, you can also get paid for losing weight through that. For every mile that you cycle, you will get 0.10 cents which of course are for charity.

5. FitCoin Fitness App

This is another fitness app that pays you to do your regular workouts. But they pay in Bitcoins which now has widespread acceptability.

For the collectors of Bitcoins, FitCoin is an ideal fitness app. Which help you track your workouts and measure your performance. Like other’s fitness apps they calculate your earning based on the distance and pace you achieved.

FitCoin is easy to use while they have many other features related to fitness. Once on your phone, check other features of this fitness app that pays in Bitcoins. One of the best money making apps that you can download.

6. Fitstudio App

Want to make $5 for only walking and running? Here is Fitstudio, for every 15 miles that you run or walk, you will earn $5. Also, those who do high-intensity workout can make easy money every week. For burning 5000 calories a week, Fitstudio fitness app pays you $5.

Another feature that makes it more effective and convenient is its syncing compatibility with all major fitness tracking apps.

Start to download, sign-up, sync to get paid to workout, run, walk and losing calories.

7. GOODcoins App

Though you can get paid for losing weight with GOODcoins but not real cash. Users earn GOODcoins for cycling, running and walking for half an hour per day.

These coins cannot be used to buy any other things except pre-described items. You can use your earning coins to buy a wide range of eco-friendly product from GOODcoins. Another positive purpose to use your earning is to donate them for the charities.

Few other get paid to workout apps that help you save money on shopping:

8. Walgreens Balance Fitness Rewards App

Want to get paid for losing weight as shopping discounts? With the Walgreens app, you can get paid for losing weight and tracking all your efforts. Their app converts your earned points into their redemption dollars. These redemption dollars later get deducted from your purchases from Walgreens.

Though not a fitness app, instead they encourage you to get fit and save money on Walgreens shopping. Once you download the app, sign-in and connect with your favourite fitness tracker. Walgreens apps will on its own get your data or you have the choice to self-enter your activities.

You can earn 20 points per mile when you walk or run. Apart from many features, a good feature is multitracker. This tracks your sleep time, blood pressure and blood glucose level points. Good exercise apps that pay you up to 1000 points per month.

9. AchieveMint Fitness App

You can already get paid for losing weight from any of the above apps. But, this one pays you extra points for using any other fitness app. When you connect your favourite tracker with it, you can earn up to 50,000 points equalling $50.

Get paid to lose weight free by downloading AchieveMint. Start your sign-up process and connect your favourite fitness tracker to it.

What other feature do you get with AchieveMint?

Tracking your water intake, sleep time, dietary pattern and weight loss help you earn points. Must-Have exercise apps that pay you for being on your phone!

10. WellCoin App

Here is WellCoin app where you get paid for losing weight and keeping your fitness log. Yes, you heard it right, you will get paid to keep a log of all your healthy choices, like eating, work out, sleep, etc.

Once you download the WellCoin, sign-in, enter your log into their app and get paid to workout. But, earned points can only for a discount on your regular shopping items.

When compared to another fitness app that pay you to workout, they do not have much flexibility. Still, keeping this app on your smartphone can help you save money.

Final Thoughts…

I am sure with the above list, you are now aware of what apps pay you to lose weight? These are some of the best fitness apps that you can try alongside your tracker.

An ideal reward for those who keep pushing themselves to achieve their weight loss goals. Though you will not make huge money from these fitness apps, still work as an additional motivator.

If you ask me, I would recommend the following combinations to get paid for losing weight:

  • HealthWage + AchieveMint or Walgreens
  • DietBet + AchieveMint or Walgreens
  • Charity Miles + AchieveMint or Walgreens

Though, health is the only motivator for peoples who do routine exercises. Still, I recommend downloading these fitness apps.

Get paid for exercising is not the only thing here, you can also use these apps for contribution to the charities.

Please do let me know if there are other methods to get paid for losing weight. Leave a comment about your favourite app or feedback on your existing fitness app.

All the best for tracking your fitness goals!

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