Freebie For Birthday – Get Stuff Free On Spcial Day!

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Freebie For Birthday

Who’s birthday is coming in the next few days? If that’s you, keep reading about the places that you might like to visit and take freebie for birthday.

Everyone expects a gift on this special day from friends and family members. That is why, these awesome places will give a gift as a bonus that you won’t mind grabbing. I hope these gifts will make your day better.

I remember, during my teen years the only question that keeps popping in my head was “What can I get for free on my birthday?”.

Here I am today writing an article to let others know that there are a lot of things to take advantage of. Yes, free stuffs do makes us happy and happier if we get those on the special day. So, here are the best places and business who gives free stuffs or gift cards.

Let’s start with the places that give make-up items as a freebie for birthday

1. bareMinerals

Girls….here is something you would love to take as a freebie on birthday from bareMinerals. Sign-up for their program and they offer you free makeup samples. They will send these free gifts by mail upon completion of the sign-up process. What are you waiting for, you can start your process here and enjoy their quality of free products.

2. Sephora

Sephora also gives make-up freebie on birthday to all. Sign up for their loyalty program and receive your free make-up samples from them. I and my friends are taking advantage of their program from years. They do have some great products and I hope you get one of those as a free stuff.

3. Smashbox

Another one that gives free beauty products and sends them to you as a freebie on birthday. With free sign up and you become eligible to take advantage of their reward program. Smashbox does give some great products, go ahead and sign-up today!


When it comes to one of the top hotspots for beauty products, ULTA does makes it to the ranks. Everyone knows that their products are great but a bit expensive. Here is your chance to try them as a birthday freebies. Simply, sign up for their Ultimate Rewards program and wait for free beauty products to reach you. A 10 minutes free sign up process and a free stuff… I will take that any day!

5. Aveda

Get your birthday free stuff worth $23 from Aveda, a company dealing in natural products. I know, moms and dads would love to take this deal, but not sure about kids. Anyway, you have to sign up for the AvedaPure Privilege program, which cost $10 to receive your gift. Yea, it’s not “totally freebie” but remember, you still end up making a profit of $13 when you receive your gift. Profitable deal if you ask me, I would love to take this and use their natural product!

Free movie program as free stuff your birthday need!

free birthday stuff near me

6. Disney Movie Rewards

How about received free points from Disney movie reward program? Yes, everyone love movie and better if from Disney that the whole family can enjoy. As a birthday freebie, once you sign up with them get your 100 rewards points from them. Note that these can only be redeemed within their program. Still, free points + Disney movie makes your day much better!

7. Hallmark

This day is a perfect day to get a card plus 20% off coupon from the Hallmark itself. You know how difficult it is to get a card, but you get one for free here. Hallmark Crown Rewards program gives both of these to you if you sign up. This is a perfect freebie for birthday to plan your shopping in the coming days. The choice is yours if you take the deal on the same day or save it for your family member.

8. AMC

Get free popcorns from AMC theater when you go watch a movie in a theatre on the special day. A great way to celebrate your day while watching a movie and getting the free popcorns.

9. Redbox

Want a free movie on your? Redbox helps you to get one to watch a movie. Simply, sign up for the Redbox’s Play Pass membership rental program and get your birthday freebie!

Discounted clothes and footwear are free stuff your birthday can get you!

clothes discount freebies on your birthday

10. Victoria Secret

Okay if this one does not make you go crazy, I do not know what else can. Victoria Secret is a globally renowned brand and number one choice of many celebrities. Take $10 freebies for your birthday from them if you sign up for an Angel Card. I know with this amount your choices with their online store are almost none. Still, 10 dollar is a nice birthday freebie for adults to try their luck with this global brand. Visit their website and start your sign up process for this $10 gift card.

11. World Market Explorer

There is nothing compared to the feeling of a surprized freebies on your birthday. To help you World Market Explorer gives a surprise gift which though based on their selection. But, consider it something nice keeping in mind their selection and pricing. With a free sign up to become their member, you are eligible for a surprise as freebie for birthday month. Though their website is more of a furniture shop, they have some good clothing segment.

12. Famous Footwear

Receive a free $10 coupon from Famous Footwear on this occasion. You can use these free 10 dollar coupon on the gym, running or walking shoes, the choice is yours. Simply, join Famous Footwear Club and get $10 as a free gift for birthday. A perfect gift you will use in your daily life after redeeming!

13. DSW

They are known for the quality of their footwear products. You get a chance to make $5 as a coupon from them. They too have a free sign-up birthday club for customers. Visit DSW website and spend 5 dollars buying some quality shoes for you or your family members.

14. Columbia Sportswear

For fitness freaks, here is a freebie on birthday by Columbia Sportswear to make you happy. They offer a 20$ off coupon for their quality products for outdoors and indoor sports. Due to their price tags, many time frequent buying is not affordable. But this time you get a discount from them if you sign-up and become their member. No free birthday clothes but trust me their discounts are worth taking!

Food, Snacks, and deserts as freebie for birthday month.
free stuff your birthday without signing up

15. Barnes and Noble

Make the special day sweeter with a Free cupcake from Barnes and Noble. Their kid’s program lets you sign up for free to receive cupcake as a freebie for birthday. Visit your nearest Barnes and Noble store to take advantage and enjoy your free stuff.

16. Panera

Panera offers free pastry if you sign up for their program to get freebies on your birthday. Trust me, they have some of the best pastries around. A simple sign up to collect and make your day bit sweeter!

17. P. F. Chang’s

Get a free appetizer or dessert from P.F. Chang’s for the special occasion. There is every chance that you will go out for dinner for the celebration. Take advantage and get their free appetizer or dessert for you. If you are full and don’t want them, they allow you to use these anytime in your birth date month. Sign up for the freebie from P.F. Chang’s!

18. Red Robin

Free sign-up for Red Robin’s reward program can get you a free burger. Go and start claiming this free fastfood!

19. Ruby Tuesday

Get free Garden Bar entrée or a free burger as a freebie on birthday. Have a nice dinner out with them at the exclusive corner when you sign up for free with Ruby Tuesday So Connected program.

20. Perkins

Enjoy your free slice of pie with Perkins this. Start signing up for free slice of pie with their reward program which takes only a few minutes. To know more about other free birthday stuff online, you can visit their official Perkins website.

21. Moe’s Southwest Grill

For the lovers of Burrito, Moe’s Southwest Grill offers a freebie on birthday. When you sign up for Moe’s eWorld program you get whole Burrito free. Let’s see if you can deny this yummy offer!

22. Krispy Kreme

Want to Krispy Kreme’s free Donut for your birth date? You can simply get this freebie for birthday by joining their eClub program. If you have specific choices for a Donut, check with them before signing up. As they do not specify what type you get a free Donut.

23. IHOP

Enjoy your free breakfast with IHOP freebies on your birthday. Join the Pancake Revolution with them and claim your free breakfast (only after 11 AM). Huh….A whole free meal sounds good for special day morning. Sign up to claim your free meal!

Gift-cards and coupons freebies on your birthday ( up to $30 )

24. Boston Market

Get dollar 3 off on your buy of 10 dollars or more with Boston Market VIP club membership. Visit them and claim your $3 freebie for birthday. Her is how you can sign-up for their program.

25. Buca di Beppo

Double birthday free gift from Buca di Beppo to you. One, you get a $20 gift card which you can use on this occasion. Plus, free pasta from them when you visit them again. A great gift for you and your family when you sign up on their website.

26. Benihana’s

Yes, $30 gift card is worth free stuff your birthday can get from Benihana’s. Simply, get registered for Chef’s Table Program for free and secure your 30 dollar worth of gift card. The only condition is that you can only use this once. I hope you will take this and enjoy the delicious dinner with them!

27. Cobblestone Auto Spa

Do you love free car wash especially for this day? Here Cobblestone Auto Spa give car-wash as a freebie on birthday. Only by signing up for their membership you become eligible for this. Stop waiting and move straight to their website to take advantage. Finally something for your favourite vehicles on my list!

Final words…

Due to marketing strategies many organization, malls and shops offer some handsome rewards. I remember my uncle got a 40% discount from a restaurant for his naval background.

Anyway, we should take advantage of these especially as a freebie for birthday. Here are a few questions I would like to cater before ending this article:

Q-What can you get for freebies on your birthday without signing up?

A-Nope… no freebies on your birthday without signing up IMO! You will waste time searching for those things. However, the above article rather talks about the places to get birthday freebies near me and you.

You need to understand and remember that data is the new gold and every corporation want that. I told you this is their marketing/remarketing strategy and they have every right to do so. Sign-up ensures records of discounts/offers/free stuffs distribution for tax calculation, re-marketing, etc.

Q-Where can I get free stuff on my birthday in Canada?

A-Check the official websites of the above brands, few of them are well known in whole North America. I have a lot of them that offer free birthday stuff near me, check your local sites if you do not find them there.

With this I end my article, I hope you will find things to take advantage on special occasion with the above list.

So, go out there to enjoy the birthday freebies and this special day with your friends and family!

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