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make money listening to music

Are you a music lover and listen to songs online all the time? Here is how you can earn money listening to music. Yes, it is true; you can earn easy money listing to music, giving feedback to music companies, and fill surveys for best music. On top of all of it, you can review the latest released music and rate the quality.

All of the above to help companies and music artists publish the best of music to their audience. Keeping your interest in mind, it is something for everyone on this list.

Best Earn Money Listening To Music Sites- Easy Options That Get Paid To Listen Music

The music industry is thriving and new music is coming out every day and artists are making money. When it comes to rating the best sites, it is difficult to know that would work best for you. However, do not forget to sign-up for free as they all pay a small amount to keep you on their database.


Hitpredictor provides an opportunity for you before music releases to the world. Mean you listen to fresh music even before anyone else in the market. You can sign-up for free on the Hitpredictor website and listen to tracks. After listening to the music you need to leave the rating which gives you 3 points. An easy way to earn money listening to music with Hitpredictor.

These 3 points can be earned every 2 minutes or maximum 90 points in an hour. Moreover, you get an additional bonus for listening music and rating 15 songs in a week. The bonus is in shape of 15 points over your earned points.

By rating just 10 songs you are eligible for $5 Amazon card which is delivered directly to your mail within a week’s time. If you get the VIP access to the site you can choose to listen to music and help record companies get feedback for their next hit in the market.

There is an opportunity to earn $1000 if you send the information of new talented unsigned artists to them under finders fees.


Another great site to earn money listening to music in your free time without much effort. This site pays you to listen to a track for at least 90 seconds and writing a review of 50+ words.

Payment is not high for new members but as you stay with them and progress, you can make more money.

Minimum withdrawal money is $10 via Paypal for listening music. Once you register for the site you have to choose the category which you would like to review.

Choose the music category and start listening music or reviewing the music immediately. As much as $1 million is paid out to the members of this site for 10 million reviews.

Please remember when you write a quality review every time you listen to music and earn money on any site.


This is another site which allows get paid to listen to music and for your reviews. Though their pay-outs are not high you do get a chance to listen to new artists.

Musicxray is basically for new artists who pay to load their music for industry professionals. As they pay to the site for uploading their music, site pay to listeners to rate and review.

When you make money listening to music on this site you are giving feedback about artists to the professional. There is a potential of making up to $10 for listening to the music.


They pay you for listing to the radio which is not a bad thing when you have some spare time with you. Though earning from this site is not huge they still pay $0.03 for every 30 minutes you listen to the radio.

The best part is, they do not have any limit earn money listening to music in a single day.

You will say that you can only make $.50 a day but, you listen to the radio for free right now, isn’t it? Their referral income is not bad at all, you earn $1 every friend who confirm their emails. Plus $2 once they start to earn money listening to music through your reffral.

In addition, you get $5 every time your referral cash out for the lifetime!

Payment options with FusionCash are Check, PayPal, and Direct Deposit. You can try this option to earn money listening to music in your spare time.


Though when you get paid to listen to music from the above sites, remember earnings are not much but their payment is legit.

So, start earning money listening to music while you have free time which is better than getting nothing. A simple and great way for side money while you listen to music or radio.

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