Best Typing Jobs At Home Websites For Legitimate Work!

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typing jobs from home websites

If you are looking for typing jobs legit websites and want to give it a try. Here is a list of top recommended sites to apply for remote typing based jobs for free.

Please note that there is no grantee that you will get the job after your application. As the number of applications received are always higher than the requirement.

These legit work from home jobs site are operating from quite long. I am sure these will help you to get the job accordingly. Before we move forward, here are some common question which needs to be answered:

What kind of job can I get with typing skills?

There are many types of jobs which involves basic typing skills like word processing, transcribing and data gathering. But they are not limited to these, every company has a separate client requirement.

However, the easiest of job that you can consider with typing is basic data entry.

What skills are needed for typing jobs?

  • None of the skills that you need to possess are difficult, here is what you need:
  • Typing proficiency in English with accuracy and speed
  • Basic computer skills which consist of knowledge of word, txt, .xls and other basic software.
  • Organizational abilities to put in a task within the time frame.
  • Communication to put forward your point and understand the work details.

So, here is our list of legit sites for typing jobs at home.

1. Lionbridge

Our number one choice for home typing jobs is LionBridge who offer remote location jobs. Most probably your search for data entry job will end on this site if you qualify and get registered.

To get qualify you need to get your typing skills up to the good level which is the minimum skill they require.

For peoples who are looking for home typing jobs, this company is a blessing. They are in the market from quite some time now and provide legit data entry and typing jobs.

When you get to register on their site, they will take a test to understand the strengths and skill level you possess. Which is important to keep their quality of standards high for prestigious clients.

After you pass the skill test, you will be contacted for the best online jobs that match your skill level. Again there is no guarantee upon your registration you will receive the job. However, whenever you get one, you need to deliver the job with the highest of accuracy.

2. Scribie.Com

Our number two in the list of data entry sites is Scribie.Com. If you are transcribing specialist, they provide jobs for peoples like you. As most of the jobs are in standard English, this too has all jobs offers in English only. So please check if you are well versed in English typing before applying.

Accuracy with quick typing is what they require from the applicants and no other skills are needed.

Payment for all their work is via PayPal which means you will receive your fees faster.

3. Zirtual

Our third recommendation for a data entry specialist is Zirtual. This organization is one of the best in the business of providing home typing jobs to peoples. Due to one of the best typing job online provider, they receive more applications then they can provide jobs.

So please be patient after you get to register on their website for the job. Rest assured, if you get selected for the jobs and provide results as per their requirement, you will surely make money with home typing jobs.

4. Vitac

This is a communication company who provides jobs for similarly experienced peoples in the industry. Their home typing jobs are vast and not limited to only simple data entry.

So be ready to get some high-level jobs you can do from home once your application is accepted on their website. If you are an experienced Transcriber and captioner with good experience, this is the perfect organization to make money with typing jobs while you stay at home.

Do visit their site and apply for the available remote jobs.

5. DriveGuide.Com

This is another option but not recommended if you are looking for urgent home typing jobs. They provide work of database helper which is easy typing work.

Such a database is mainly for manufactures and device driver databases of electronic organizations. Their main requirements are for specialized peoples with prior experience with data entry with good skills of typing.

The drawback of their website is that they do not hire continuously. Which means upon registration, you may have to wait till they start hiring. You can register yourself on their site for the positions from home and get an update on work as and when available.

6. Gorge Warehouse

This is one of the web-based stores which offers many home jobs including typing jobs.

While checking their website there are many jobs related to typing. Which is simple like entering data into their official website and internal database. But, once you get hired, their online job description state one important thing. That once you received the data for typing work, proofreading also falls under your job.

How to apply for typing jobs online on their website? Here is what you can do:

  • Visit their website and job listing page
  • Find relevant data entry and typing jobs
  • Full details of your qualification, experience, etc.
  • Send job application
  • Wait for their response via email

How much money you can make with their typing jobs from home and remote location?

You can expect around $10 per hour for a standard data entry job. Before applying check about the employment stats if the posting is as full time or part-time.

7. Babbletype

This is one of the oldest company in market research and transcription services. Their experience is more than 20 years in this industry. Amount offer much work like entry work, proofreading, transcribing and typing jobs. Babbletype hires independent contractors for typing work at home from any remote location. With few of hours daily commitment, you can easily make $500-$1000 per month.

You can apply to their remote work on their website. Upon selected for work, you can expect $10-$12 per hour. Please note that they provide work of transcription only for the English language.

8. CastingWords

This is another organization that offers transcription and typing jobs at home. They are one of the biggest service providers in the translation business.

The good part about their hiring process is that experience is not mandatory. Hence anyone with decent typing and listening skills can apply.

You can register with them online and start taking an easy mandatory test. Upon cleaning, you will be eligible for picking assignments from your profile dashboard.

They pay $0.085 – $1.00 per minute of audio transcription. But, rates do vary depending on the difficulty level of assignment that you choose to take.

Payments for your jobs would be through PayPal.

9. SpeakWrite

Another of transcription service company which hire independent typist contractors for remote jobs.

There work from home typing jobs offers are quite flexible for pay and schedule. Minimum working hour required to keep working for them is 15 hours/month.

For the eligibility here is what they need:

  • At least speed of 60 WPM for English typing
  • Accuracy rate at least 90%
  • High skills in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Previous experience in typing work
  • Meet all hardware requirement (listed in job page)

For part-time typing jobs at home, their top earners make up to $3000/month.

10. Xerox

I am sure you would be surprised to see Xerox listed in our typing jobs list. But, not man knows about their work from home virtual office program offers.

By clicking this link, you can visit the Xerox virtual office program. From the search bar, search for typing jobs or any relevant job. Xerox data entry clerks can earn up to $20/per hour which is quite good for a part-time earning.

11. Sigtrack

Here is another website for online part-time jobs seekers. Sigtrack hires season independent contractors for data entry work. Although, to get hired you must be the U.S. resident which is again a mandatory qualification. They provide work to experienced and freshers.

How to apply for online typing jobs with Sigtrack?

Application with a self-recorded video is a must for identification as a U.S. resident. They pay as per the accuracy level of typing job done by their contractors. As per them, their top contractors make $2000-$3000 from remote typing work.


As shared in the starting, there is no grantee that you will qualify for home typing jobs in your first application or you will get the job by just applying.

Still, you can get registered on the company website and consider this as a part-time job you can do while you keep your regular job.

All the best for finding home typing jobs and hope your search will end with any of above site.

Here are few more website to make money with transcription jobs online.

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