5 Apps that give you money for watching videos

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App has become an integral part of our daily life and we use them free all the time. To make your time productive, we have listed the apps that give you money for watching videos that you can use in your spare time to make money.

Note of caution, If you are looking for the passive income from these apps, it is not going to happen.

Still, these apps are free and even give a sign-up bonus when you get registered with them.

Here are top 5 apps that give you money for watching videos:


Swagbucks gives you $0.5 to $5 signup bonus and is one of the best money making apps to watch videos and earn.

Apart from giving money for watching videos Swagbucks also give you the opportunity to play games, taking the survey, shopping and free trial offer for rewards.

Each task in this app is for a reward which you can redeem for cash, direct deposit, a gift card or PayPal transfer.

It also gives you 10% of all your referral earnings for life and you make money from your phone.


This site is more known for cash back shopping portal as they are partnering with many e-commerce retailers in the different part of the word with their affiliate links.

They also give the opportunity to earn points while you watch videos on their app.

Other means you can make money with MyPoints is by taking surveys, playing games or reading emails.

The sign-up bonus is $10 as an Amazon card.


A royalty program where the user can earn cash incentives, gift cards by doing online shopping, taking surveys, playing games and watching videos.

Usage is simple, complete the offers they display on their app, watch videos about the latest, music, entertainment or news.

Every time you watch a video you get rewarded.

Rewards points can be redeemed for PayPal payments, gift cards, and pre-paid cards.


Simple, this is one of the best money making apps where you can watch videos.

They serve videos of many large brands, TV shows or advertisements for you to watch.

Most of the time videos will match the interest level you have selected on the app.

They are around since 2000 and paying real cash to their users in all these years.

Their overall video database is increasing day by day and so is the opportunity for you to earn more cash.

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If you are an entertainment buff, this is the best money making apps for you.

Their main video categories are Celebrities, Entertainment, and Food.

This is one of the better apps that can help you make money.

The sign-up bonus is $5.

Perk TV

Another of apps that give you money for watching videos in the form of reward points from promotional videos.

Definitely not the best money making apps around still, its earn quite a decent amount for your free time.

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You can watch movie and app trailers or videos from different genres.

For US users, they gave 3 points each video, for UK, Canada and Australia they give 1 point each video and 1 points to rest of the world.

Hope you will try one of these best money making apps. Your phone can also help you to create video and make money with legit sites.

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