Profitable Niche Blogging 2019-FREE Niche Finding Tricks

profitable niche blogging 2019

There are a lot of peoples who want to start a blog but get confused about the profitable niche for blogging. When people start blogging or vlogging on social media platforms, too many topics end them up, getting away from the focus, which it requires to get famous.

There are only very few persons who select and blog or vlog topic which takes them to the earning potential which they deserve. Rest just lost in the vast space of social media platforms and become just another blogger or vlogger.

What is niche, and why a profitable niche for blogging in 2019 still relevant?

Niche meaning a subject you consider yourself expert it can be a micro-level of a broad topic or a general topic itself. Most of the time, you think that you know too many things, and it is challenging to select the one that interests you more.

Rare individuals know how exactly they have to focus and figure out how they can become successful in doing niche blogging or videos. We will try to answer those critical questions which you should ask yourself before starting blogging or creating a video vlog for you. 

In either cases if you get success, it can become a great side job that pays decent sum!

Here are few tips for those upcoming individuals who want to create space for themselves in blogging spear.

Tools For Profitable Niche Finding 2019 – Blogging Niche That Pays


blog about your passion

How to choose what niche to start your blog?

One of the most natural tricks for finding your perfect blog niche is to follow your passion.

Think about what interests you or what your interest was a few years ago. Reviving an old passion can be fruitful! It makes you happy, you start researching, and most importantly, you can write or create endless content around it.

Consider starting from writing an about page where you can write why you started your blog and what drives you to do more. Else, if you can find a passion for your current professional or personal life like Gardening or Cooking, that will do too.

You can write down all the things that you liked or like and create a list for you. Then take a few days and analyze what stays on that list.

In a few days maybe, your profitable blog niche is there for you!


write about what you read

Your profession may require you to stay up to date and keep checking updates, like stocks?

Or maybe you keep reading about new technology the government or corporates are working for the future?

There must be something that you frequently read, if not daily. If you can read frequently, there would be no problem writing about that specific topic, No?

You can consider this technique to find that one most profitable niche you can start your niche blog in 2019.


teach newbies with your bloggng

You consider yourself an expert in any field?

That may be the topic you can write about in length. Remember, there are billions of people out there who are looking for education and knowledge on one subject or another.

Take this opportunity to explain these peoples about your specialty.

Not far, you can teach people how to use Microsoft Excel or maybe consider how to grow a garden on their terrace. A good thing about the internet is people do read blogs or watch a video related to explaining.

If thoughts like you are not that good in your selected niche, remember there are more people out there who don’t know even to the level you are.

In short, teach your skills to others!


Do you read blogs?

How many times did you find that there is some piece mission which bloggers are not aware of yet?

Can’t you stop yourself and write a comment related to that missing piece or add something you think should be part of that piece of an article?

People who can find missing pieces can go a long way into the blogging world if you keep seeing those missing pieces in a blog post, that say a lot about your knowledge or research.

You can start your blog, keeping this intention of revealing the missing piece of information that others can’t find. Remember, finding that one missing piece of data can be a decent start to your blogging career.

Many times even our favorite bloggers can’t include everything when they write their article. Anyway, there is nothing called “the perfect” blog article. There is always something everyone misses, and here is the opportunity for you to write and let them know you have written about missing information.

It will do two things, one, you will start writing second, you may get notice of your favorite blogger, which is free marketing!


Big corporate hire fat cheque employees to resolve their problems and to generate more business profit.

Here in blogging spear same problem solving will make you a big hit right away!

There are more problems in this world then people can resolve, and they are in every field, profession, and even in everyone’s life.

If you know the solution to any problem or you can solve any problem with your suggestion and recommendation, you are suitable for this blogging niche. When you were researching what to write for your blog you must have visited many blogs and websites, did you noticed one thing in their writing?

Yes, they are trying to resolve a problem by providing solutions, many peoples agree with them, and many don’t agree.

But providing the solution is a unique art. If you consider yourself in the problem solver category, you can write away start writing about your answers to a particular question.


If by reading all previous tips, you think that only experts can make it big into the blogging world.

Then you didn’t know about this tip ever before!

Start writing, considering yourself as a learner, and sharing your experience with others. People love hearing what you don’t know and what you are doing to enhance your knowledge.

You can share all your experience and your journey.

Let people know what you learned and what mistake you did when you started and how you found solutions. By this method, your audience and readers can connect with you where an experienced niche blogger may feel like totally way apart for the general public.


start a travel niche blog in 2019

Sound weird, but it is true!

You can consider writing about your daily life and goals. Write about how you are planning to achieve your goals and what work you are doing to achieve your goals.

For example, if you are health conscious and want to achieve your desired physique, let people know what steps you are taking. Before and after results is an enormous scope; in fact, you can make a book out of it if you achieve what you dream.

Another example is your vacation, create a blog article about your holidays. Where you went or what attraction your vacation destination has. Travel videos are an excellent vlog topic, and peoples make a living out of it.


No, I am not joking!

If you have a taste for investigation and like to go deep into things happening around the world, you can create some excellent content around it. See, people love the conspiracy, and you can write about it. If you research, you can find some interesting blogging niches for you to write.

Try to resolve some old conspiracy with the help of some research. Find facts or expose some celebrities or events happening.

If you can do so, no one can stop you. These topics go well with videos, and there are millions of views on YouTube about such videos.


If you still can’t find your niche, try considering money for your blog niche. Money making is actually in one of the best blogging niches that make money.

Over the year, this niche has produced some great results and will help you to generate some income soon. Though you need to do a lot of research before starting every article, these are evergreen topics that are bound to get some hits.

There are millions of peoples who search for money-making opportunities, savings, or wealth management. You can target these and write about generating money from business opportunities.


Another profitable niche in 2019 that never gets old and one of the top blog topics. You can write about yoga, weight loss, muscle building, or healthy eating. But again, you need to do a lot of research before starting an article.

Moreover, competition is way too much still, every chance that you can pull up some traffic if you do your blog SEO right way.

If you find this too saturated, try to dive deep and find a micro-niche within the broad health niche.

First Step First-Start Writing, Blog Niche Is Secondary!

start blogigng niche is secondary

Finally, to start a niche blog, you have to write, Right?

So, start writing to get a feel of things and see how you write compared to the bloggers out there.

You will learn as you keep writing, or you can consider enrolling for writing skills courses to help you write great content for your blog.

Action is what separates you from peoples who only think of starting a blog but will never begin. If you are interested, you can consider our list of the best niche for blogging anyone can write or how to find blog post topics when you are stuck.

Make your blog niche selection wisely, as once it gets indexed by search engines, your profitable niche can bring a lot of traffic to your blog.

Finally, we recommend the above tips for not only blog or vlog. You can apply these for selecting a niche for your Affiliate marketing, and social media account if you are more active there.

I hope one of the above tips will help you start and make a profitable niche blog in 2019!

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