Become A Freelancer TODAY – 7 Step Guide to Start Working

Freelance websites are becoming popular among professionals who are looking for some extra income in their free time.

These freelance sites are perfect opportunity to generate money from your skill while keeping your full-time job.

This guide is a in-depth information in you are looking for freelancing work and want to get registered for top freelance websites.

1. What Is Freelancer?

Freelancers are referred to those individuals who are not working in a long-term employment with an organization but are self-employed and work on the project basis with organizations.

They either look for work online, through advertisements or pitch directly to companies who are looking for short-term employees for their projects.

Freelancers can be of any industry or profession like but not limited to Website builders, software developers, article writers, book writers, music composers, translation service, freelance journalism jobs etc.

2. Advantages of Freelancing business

There are many benefits of starting your own freelancing business part time or full time. These are the most common benefits it’s an advantage:

Flexible working hours – Who doesn’t want to work in flexible hours and freelancing business is a perfect example of this.

You can set your own time to work and give more time to your social life. Even for finding work you can use your laptop and internet connection to go through freelance websites and bid for projects.

Family First – Though during the initial period your earning will be low due to small projects or low fees due to competition.

But once you establish yourself, you can charge much higher fees and work on a few projects. All this will save your time for your family and friends or maybe additional vacation each year.

Take your skills to next level – Working under a circumstance where things are under your control is always easy.

During freelancing work, this doesn’t happen all the time, there would be a pressure of delivering high-quality work with a steep deadline to make your customer happy and continuous work.

These can test your skill level and you have no other choice but to get better and better as a professional.

Make a Brand out of you – Who doesn’t want to get famous or well known. In corporate life, many always complain about not getting enough opportunity or office politics to showcase their talent.

Or, not recognized by the organization for the efforts you put into your projects.

In freelancing, you are your boss and upon providing the best work to your clients, you can build yourself as a brand of special skills.

3. How to Start a Freelancing Business?

To become a freelancer and start your freelancing business, you need to answer a few general questions to yourself which will define your goal.

Once you define your motive to be a freelancer, it’s always easy to work on a short-term/long-term plan. A plan is always beneficial for the success of your business and you better pen it down at the initial stages.

Change is constant and you can make necessary changes as start your progress towards your end goal.

Question – What skill level you have and why people will hire you to do their projects?

This is, in fact, the most important question you need to answer honestly. You may be working on your profile from a long period in an organization but you are going for a different ball game.

Working in an organization with full overall support from different professionals is an easy task compared to going solo.

That is why we asked you to answer honestly.

If you admit that your certain skill of writing long and compiling marketing copies need improvement, there is always a way out.

You can join a course for improving your writing skills or take it to the different level altogether.

Right now, affiliate marketing business is one of the favorite money making option for freelancers.

Check this Free Affiliate Marketing Training to start developing another source of income for you.

Question – Are you planning to quit your job and look for a full-time career?

Another important question to ask yourself before you commit yourself towards full-time freelancer.

You must plan your funds to survive your daily needs and commitments till you make a respectable income from freelancing.

Remember, your business makes time to kick off and you start making your money from freelancing jobs.

Buying tools and subscriptions also need fund too, hence you need to keep a separate budget for this.

Question – You just want side income from Freelancing?

Your plan to make extra money while keeping your day job though freelancing.  Still, you need to plan properly to start working as a freelancer.

Learn and plan how you will keep a balance between your two jobs.  If you start working, how will you spare time for your projects?

Are you planning to complete your projects during late hours or during the weekend?  

Planning your time is also important as most freelancing projects are time bound and delivery delays are terrible for your ratings.

For good reviews on your profile on freelance websites, a positive feedback helps land more projects for you.

Question – You want to showcase your skill and talent beyond organization or location?

Freelancing can help you get better and full-time job, trust me on this one. If you are talents and still working with small time organization with low pay. 

This is the right opportunity for you to showcase your talent to the world.

If above is your sole purpose, you might work like an anonymous on sites to hide your identity.

Winning big projects for low cost can be considered here as this is an investment for a better job.

4. Best Practices for Freelancers

Now that you have your goal setting and you want to start your freelancing business, here are best Freelancing Practices you must follow:

If you are planning to land some freelancing projects for you, keep these freelancing best practices in mind before pitching.

Flexible Bids – Keeping a fix price tag for your services will reduce the number of projects you win on freelance websites.

Keeping a flexible compensation plan for short, mid or long projects will help you grab more projects. 

It is always a wise move to analyze your client before you quote your price for freelancing work.

Manage Your Funds– When things are going your way, you have plenty of funds. But, what projects dry up, you will be in deep waters.

Save money for your tough times for paying bills and for necessary services required for you to operate.

Pro accounts of freelance websites to have a fee, which you need to pay for advantage over free registered freelancers.

Keep Projects Coming– It always pays being dedicated towards your project for providing best service on time to your client.

However, this dedication should not dry up the supply of projects coming your way.

While concentration on one project, always manage time to bid or look for new projects.

Be Accountable – Yes, it is not your project but quality and deadlines are important for a successful delivery of the project.

Execute all your projects on time and keep your customer happy.  On-time delivery of projects will also ensure future work from them and free marketing from happy customers.

Good reviews and rating on freelance websites by happy customers will attract more clients in the future.

Listen and Listen More– Your client may not be an expert in a specific subject and that is why he hired you to that job.

Listening to your clients with patience, at the time of finalizing the project requirements is a good practice.

In case details provided by clients are not sufficient, do let them know for better understanding.

Hire a Team – Working all alone can be not only tough, but you may make more mistakes than acceptable level.

When you have a project which needs different works to be done to compile a solo project, hire other freelancers to work on them.

This will also help you to spend time on finding more projects for the future and help keep the flow of cash coming.

Don’t go anywhere to find your team, you will get them from same freelance websites where you get your projects.

Work Ethics – Most important practice in fact! Why? When you work for your clients on certain projects which need them to have original and copyright free work.

But, if you will cheat to save money, you and your client may land-up in litigation again infringement.  

Not a good sign for your career if you do not keep your work ethics high.

Another example is to give wrong figures and projects details for reference to your clients, in this hi-tech work, almost any fault information can be caught in quick time.

A dent to your reputation and further freelancing project!

Be Patience– You may need your patience to be of highest level when dealing with online clients through freelance websites.

Many time, if the client does not like your services or final project, they leave quite a rude and negative feedback.

This should not trigger you, though its difficult many time as online feedback plays an important role in grabbing more projects.

Try to answer negative feedback with politeness and let the client know what happened or what further help you can offer to correct the fault.

5. Where to Find Freelance Work?

For finding work for you as a freelancer, you may approach a local freelance company who provide work.  You can register with them and send them your details for future projects.

Or, you can go online and register yourself on the best freelancing sites.  

Learn how to get register on freelance websites and start signing-up with them.

Here is the list of 50+ top freelancing sites to find work as a freelancer.

LocalSoloWorking NomadsAquent
KropMashable Job BoardWordPress Job Board
ClickworkerOnSiteEnvato Studio
We Work RemotelyCrowdedCroogster
FindeavorAmazon Mechanical TurkMicroworkers
Freelance Writing GigsCrowdSource (OneSpace)Textbroker
TaskrMighty AIProZ
ProBlogger’s Jobs BoardCollege RecruiterAuthentic Jobs
CrewPeer Hustle (mobile only)Mediabistro

6. How to promote your freelancing business?

Promoting your product and services been never easy like it is today. Promoting your services, spreading awareness about your services and bring further business.

You can choose to promote free or paid promotions for your freelancing services. It depends on your budget and time.

Here are some suggestions for the promotion and spreading words about your services:

Freelance Websites Profile (Free)

  • Writing your profile on freelance websites is free once you create your account with them. Here is how you can do to promote your profile to your clients:
  • Use a profession profile picture, its help you to stand out from others.
  • Write a killer description of your skills and work.
  • Add some free sample for the client to see.
  • If allowed, give the link of your social media profiles and portfolio website.
  • Offer some free stuff or additional service, example: 1 Article free with an order of 10 articles.

Pro account of freelance websites

  • Once you start working online for finding projects, you will realize that Pro accounts are of many advantages.
  • Additional analysis to help you plan your bids.
  • Keeping your bid on top of the list against listed projects
  • Pro account will let the client know that you are a serious professional
  • Free promotion of Pro accounts by freelance websites.

Create a Website for Your Business (Paid)

  • Build a website to showcase your work and clients helps build trust.
  • Showcase your best work and a list of clients for everyone to see.
  • Promote your website on Social Media
  • Use paid advertisement to drive traffic to your site and convert that traffic into business
  • Give links to all freelance websites where you offer your services

Use Social Media (Free and Paid)

  • You can use social media to find new customers
  • Tweet about your work, Create a Facebook page for your work etc.
  • Post links of your portfolio website frequently
  • Post link of freelance websites profile
  • Offer free services to your followers

Local promotion

  • Print business cards and distribute to your friends and relatives.
  • Post advertisement in local newspapers
  • Put a signboard outside your home (if local rules allow)
  • List your services in local advertisement websites.

Before you make your final move to work as a freelancer full time there are things which you need to keep in mind.

We shared the advantages of being your own boss as a freelancer and work flexibility, but, you must consider the disadvantages of being a freelancer.

7. Disadvantages of being a Freelancer

Employee Benefits – Remember, freelancers are not full-time employment, hence no employee benefits like paid vacations, paid tours or fully paid office expenses.

You have to take care of all your expenses including, business travels, office expenses, office expenses to name a few.

Every single day you spend in office during the full-time job is paid, no matter any work or not.  Here the day you don’t have a project, you are not paid so any income at all.

No fixed Salary – Your earning is depends on the number of projects you executed in a said month.

Where in a full-time job, you get paid monthly no matter what.  This may impact the overall personal expenses too and many time expenses or bill payments have to wait till you get paid by your client.

Sometimes, you have to wait for payments beyond agreed time due to client availability of funds to transfer or in the worst case, no payment or partial payment due to non-satisfactory project delivery.

Searching Work – As a freelancer, you have to keep looking for projects and have to win the bids to make a living out of it.

That means many times you have to do a lot of legwork or have to spend end number of hours online for finding the right project.

Competition is very high in you are depending on online freelance websites where bidding for respectively paid projects may cross beyond 100+ bids.

Multi-Tasking –  Being a freelancer is all about going solo for all your work, wearing multiple hats at a different time.

You are your boss but also have to take care of finance, marketing, sales, and advertisement.  Not an easy task at all, so be ready for additional working hours until you are experienced.