9 Best Real Money Games Online-Earn With Games Apps!

real money earning games online to get paid in cash

Do you want to know what sites offer free real money games online to get paid in cash? Yes, this is possible, and I am listing a bunch of them to help you earn with your gaming abilities. 

But to make money from games, you must be an experienced gamer to take advantage of this. Or, you have some decent learning skills of trying your hands-on games and get ready for success. 

Grasping opportunities one after another is the key to play real money earning games. For an amateur gamer, this is a chance to graduate to the next level of gaming. But, can you play free online games to earn money on your phone or website without any purchase?

Yes, most of these websites and apps do not need any registration charges. But, when it comes to making money in the higher number, you need to upgrade your account. Just in case you are unable to make money with below games, consider it as an experience. What next? Keep playing, get experience, and try your luck next time!

Another good thing is that you do not have to spend money on expensive gaming consoles. Forget about investing in Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, or other types of devices, all you need is thrive and a high-speed internet connection.

Win Real Money Earning Games Get Paid In Cash!

1. Swagbucks Games

win swagbucks games

This website is one of those that gives you different opportunities to earn money online. Though they are mainly famous for their surveys, they also offer real money playing video games to get paid online.

With this very reason, Swagbucks featuring in many of my earning opportunity articles. But as they are not a dedicated gaming website. Hence, you have a minimal option of online games for you, many arcade games, and everyday word games.

I recommend Swagbucks games as you can take surveys, search the web, refer a friend, and get paid to listen music also.

Whatever activity you are doing on their app or website, you can earn one or another reward points. You can later convert these rewards in gift cards, cash, or coupon codes. Cash prize can convert into the PayPal accounts, which are faster compared to other modes.

Swagbucks is our first choice, which pays you for real money games online. You can download and play games on their Android and iPhone apps to earn money. 

Start downloading, and enjoy earning!

2. Paid Game Player

paid game player online games site

The total winning prizes and cash for every day are $250,000 for online gamers. It is a considerable amount to play free online games to earn money at Paid Game Player.

This site is base upon the contests, and you have to play real money games to get paid in cash prizes. Registration is free for everyone, and you can get this from any location. But, please make sure that you are at least 18 years old to start playing online money making games. 

They also offer their users with surveys, gaming reviews, and trying out new products. It means you get more opportunities to make money with an online gaming site for free! 

Earning a couple of dollars is possible as a free membership. However, you need to upgrade your account to real money earning games and get paid with a significant amount.

3. Second life – money winning games

play second life online games online

Second Life one is one of the leading real money earning games to get paid in cash for wins. There is no doubt the reach of this website; they have over two million gamers registered with them. Plus, their real-life 3D virtual characters are entertaining compared to other online games.

Not yet convinced about the size of this gaming website earning? 

I suggest a search for Anshe Chung, who becomes the first online millionaire playing this.

You can join this gaming site for free and start creating a virtual 3D avatar. That avatar live in a virtual world and does many real-world tasks just like humans do in real life. These tasks consist of real estate trading, clothing designs, rock concert, and performing jobs for gamers.

4. WorldWinnner – A Real Money Winning Games Site

world winner real money earning games

This website is full-on many mind games that peoples love to play online money making games. The only drawback is that you have to make a deposit to play in their opponents. Their daily prize money is $250,000 and from a total of 100,000 daily tournaments. 

Deposit starts from as low as 0.25 dollars, plus you get free practice games to get experience. How these real money earning games and get paid in cash?

Here is how:

  • Get registered and take your option of free games or make a deposit
  • Pick a tournament as per your skill level.
  • Play with multiplayer or one on one games.
  • WorldWinner lets you know the game status and result of the tournament.
  • If you win, you take out the cash price. 

I am not joking, but to date, they have paid over a billion in cash prizes to online gamers.

Do you want more for their website? Yes, you get more chances to make money with this online gaming site. Their referral program lets you make $25 for each player you refer to them who make a deposit. Isn’t it an excellent way to play free online games to earn money!

5. GSN money winning games

GSN money winning games

This website is full of exciting games like strategy, word games, arcades, and many cards game. But they are not limited to the mentioned categories, and you can find other games too. However, do not expect the games at the level of PS4 or Xbox.

If you are a professional online gamer, at first, you might not like the games at GSN Cash Games. But this shouldn’t be a problem as these are real money games to get paid in cash online. Upon your registration, you can test the game before entering a gaming competition. 

For amateur gamers, this is a fruitful experience, which they use playing with others. Do not worry about your gaming skill level, and you can choose a competitor according to your level. A fair chance, indeed, to win the real money games to get paid in cash.

If you enjoy playing real money earning games online or on mobile, it is fun to bring some money to your account with that. You have options with the above list that you can try and make money by playing games.

There is no doubt about a win-win situation for amateur and professional gamers. The more experience you have, the more chances to win games. Once you know how to play free online games to earn money, you can use this as a side job.

Best Gaming Apps To Earn Cash Online

real money earning games

With the above, you now aware of websites where you can earn playing video games. Next is our top real money games apps for your smartphone to help you earn from anywhere anytime!

Stop spending your time checking your never-ending messages on SM, download these apps to start earning.

1. Mistplay Gaming App

Our number one choice for online money making games app is Mistplay, where you can start to earn points playing. These points you can later convert to gift cards for Amazon, Google Play, Starbucks, and Xbox, to name a few.

Mistplay keeps track of your playing habits and only show games which you prefer to play. It means you do not have to search for games on this real money earning games app. You can download the Mistplay app from Google play.

2. HQ game App

For the lovers of trivia quizzes, this is a perfect online money making games app that keeps you busy. If you are quick and up to date on your general knowledge, you can win cash prizes with HQ.

As this is a live game app, many times, multiple users can answer the question right, and in that case, prize money then split among winners. Every now and then you can get a chance to win $400,000 (rare occasions); otherwise, daily prizes are for $5,000 and $25,000 on Sundays.

You can download this play free online games to earn money on app from Google Play and iTunes stores.

3. Brain Battle games App

This money making games app shares its ad revenue with its users. How to win money with Brain Battle?  

Play games and win tickets, which can make you eligible for drawing cash prizes. Win more tickets, increase your chances of winning the grand prize. The best part about Brain Battle is that you can transfer the money through PayP10. Lucky Day

4. Lucky Day Gaming App

Want to win $10,000 worth of prizes daily?

If yes, download the Lucky Day – real money making gaming app for your daily use. They have a good selection of slots games, scratch-offs, casino games, and much more. There is something for everyone, like award points, which you can convert as Amazon gift cards.


If you’re looking for some play free online games to earn money that can help utilize your free time and also earn side cash, you can choose from the above options. Each of these free games websites and game app is a bit different and with an opportunity to collect points and coins which you can convert to PayPal cash or gift cards.

Some of the websites and gaming apps also give you a chance to win a significant amount if you play well. In case you are not looking for these real games to get paid in cash, they provide enough entertainment.  

So, start using your free time to play real money earning games on websites or download money making games apps!

game apps that pay real money

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