[22 Best] Buying and Selling App Of 2021- Sell Stuff Locally!

buying and selling app

Are you looking for buying and selling app to sell stuff in your neighborhood? If yes, here are your options to sell on app that will help save time, money and efforts. All this from the comfort of your home while only using your fingers to sell stuff for you.

But what apps can I use to sell my stuff?

You can use many popular apps to sell for free. Here, I have compiled the list of over 20+ best buying and selling app without paying anything. For those who sell their stuff on eBay or other buy and sell websites, these are an addition. These are easy to use, free to download and helps you make more money when you save money on your shipping cost.

You can sell anything through these except the prohibited items. These selling and buying app are no replacement for traditional websites. However, you have an additional option in your hand to sell small items locally.

Best buying and selling app 2020 – Sell Stuff Locally!

1. Decluttr – Sell Unwanted Stuff

Selling your unwanted stuff to clear your garage or store is easy with Decluttr. It is our number one choice to increase sales with next day payment in your account. Though you can list many items, here are best items that sell on app:

  • Old or used DVDs
  • Used Cell Phones
  • Past year textbooks
  • Old or refurbished Video Games and Consoles
  • Second-hand Tablets
  • LEGOS etc.

Selling your stuff is easy with Declutter, just scan the barcode of item and you will get a price recommendation. They also provide the address/shipping label which is quite convenient. In case you need packaging, they also have that ready for you (chargeable).

Declutter’s selling and buying app is available for easy download online for free. The one thing which you need to keep in mind is the condition of your stuff. It needs to be in good condition as per the guidelines on their seller page.

Avoid acting smart as their quality control are quite tough in this front. They are really serious about it, you won’t get your product back if rejected due to bad condition.

Sounds like an eBay alternative…. Isn’t it? Download and start selling by scanning the item’s barcode with next day payment.

2. Letgo – Sell Used Stuffs

Letgo buying and selling apps

Here is Letgo sell and buy used stuff, a Craigslist alternative. They are big playing in selling and buying app market and you might have come across their on-TV advertisements. Which is enough to get the ideas of time, money and number of downloads to answer their popularity

Like any top one, their front end is quite easy to use for even dummies. Just take a good picture of your stuff and its ready to list on their marketplace. From the buyer’s point of view, they have the option of the mobile app as well as a desktop application for all major OS.

Worried about your rural location? Do not worry, they have the option of listing items with zip code and city. Last checked they almost cover complete U.S. pin codes. Also, It makes it easier for buyers with a choice to search the products with their zip code or nearby city.

How much does Letgo charge to sell? Nothing to download the app for selling stuff in your neighbourhood. Still, you have options to buy in-app purchases at the time of download.

On top of all above, buyers can also view the products by its category that helps your item sell on Letgo easily.

Is Letgo safe? In my opinion quite safe buying and selling app for your stuff. Still, to clear your doubts you can check their online reviews.

3. OfferUp

How to sell on offerup with rewarded for repeated sales and higher customer satisfaction? Here is the OfferUp, a buying and selling app that rewards you for selling on their platform.

OfferUp makes it easy for seller and buyer to leave feedback on product quality, customer care and experience.

Why this feature?

This is to help sellers sell stuff to legit buyers and avoid getting scammed. Feedback system also works well for the customer who want only quality products from reputed sellers. I was wondering why this is not done by other popular one to save those who use their sell on app facility.

Additionally, for the security reasons linking the seller’s or buyer’s Facebook account is an option. Though not mandatory, sellers can get more orders due to identity verification.

For accurate posting on OfferUp buying and selling app, they allow zip code and proximity feature. Is LetGo better than OfferUp? I am not in a position to answer this question. But as both of these are free to download, you can check on your own.

4. Poshmark – Garment Selling

For those who are into selling garments, Poshmark selling and buying app is a must-have on their phone. This one helps list and sell clothes for adults as well as children.

Free to download and there are no registration charges for seller or buyers. They move a step forward by providing the packaging level to send your stuff at the right place. A convenient feature indeed for high selling vendors or shops.

How to sell on poshark? It is quite convenient to use with just a click of your product and list on related category. Poshmark is a good buying and selling app that makes it easy for both merchant and buyers.

Download if you are looking for more options for selling stuff in your neighborhood.

5. Facebook Selling Groups


I am sure you were not thinking of selling and buying on Facebook being in our list sell on app. But the truth is, it is one of the top ones when comes to sell stuff locally. Not only it is a huge platform but one can make it quite big with their sales.

But how helpful is Facebook compared to other selling and buying app for locally?

You get Facebook for your desktop and your smartphone. Being one of the top social media networks with the enormous reach of its buy and sell groups or page. This huge userbase is an additional advantage over others when you use selling and buying on Facebook.

All you have to do is join the groups and start listing your stuff while keeping your location in mind. Before joining the groups, you must read the guidelines on stuff that are allowed to list. For any doubt, you can anytime drop a message to the group admin for clarification. The Facebook app makes it easy for you to find groups who cater to your location. This option is available when you click on “buy and sell groups” tab to explore the menu.

Next part is to post the images of stuff you want to sell on app among all the groups you are part of. Good thing is that there is no limit with the number of groups you can join.

If you a vendor and want to take full advantage of selling and buying on Facebook, you can yourself create a group. Additionally, posting a picture of the stuff you sell on your timeline can help also. This makes easy to reach a higher audience with buying intentions.

6. eBay App

sell on app ebay

Another of the global brand which allows you to selling and buying on app apart from their website. Though eBay is well known for domestic to international apps for buying and selling goods. Not all use their local listing options to sell their stuff.

As you know they ship from $1 to $1000 items across borders. The same is applicable when you choose “Local Pickup Only” option from the menu.

From new items to refurbished items of any weight, you can do selling and buying on app or their website. With “Local Pickup only” a lot of money can be saved on shipping cost to the seller. Hence, keep that in mind when listing your items for local sale only.

With eBay buying and selling app you can expect quality services for even small items. An advantage for using their sell on app simplicity of the listing process.

So, start selling your stuff through eBay app to take advantage.

7. Trove Market – Furniture Selling

This one is a good option for local furniture makers who want to list their items. As furniture is expensive and for a long period there is always a need for in-person checks. This is to ensure that buyers get a genuine product with quality.

Trove Market has a huge acceptance among furniture buyers who want to pay only at pick-up.

Trove Market makes it easy for you to selling and buying app locally. Their market place is one of the better platforms to buy from genuine sellers with the best price. If you are low on your budget, refurbished/second-hand furniture option is available.

Local wood furniture and vintage items do quite well in their market place. They also offer/accept payments through credit cards for the convenience of buyers and sellers.

Here are some additional features that make it good selling and buying app option.

  • Option to Chat
  • Allow to Make an Offer to buyers
  • Payment through credit card in advance

Start your furniture store listing free on Trove Market to sell on app with easy to use steps.

8. Chairish – Furniture Selling

Looks like furniture business is having a good time that is why Chairish sell made into my list. Its unique features make it easier for local furniture manufacturers to sell their quality stuff. Though it also offers category listing for home decor and vintage jewelry.

Overall a good and clean interface to use which makes it quite popular for selling stuff locally. However, a few important things you must know before downloading this sell on app:

  • Available for iPhone only
  • Price for listing – Minimum $75/item
  • Commission – 20% on all stuff you sell
  • Free shipping is applicable for only limited items
  • Return policy – 48 hours for all stuff that app sell
  • Payment – Only after 48 hours
  • For buyers return windows ends immediately after they do a pick-up.

Though the limited OS availability makes it a bit tough to compete in buying and selling app market. They have enough users till now to make it in the top 10.

In my view, they have made above-mentioned limitation keeping in mind the quality listing. Strict payment policy of selling and buying app is to ensure only a genuine product makes it to their platform. Even with high commission rates, sellers are their item in high numbers. All this is because of the buyer’s trust in this platform’s reputation.

9. Dealo App

Dealo selling and buying app is exclusively for iPhone but has an easy interface and global presence. Listing your products is quick and you can complete the process if you have your product image ready with you.

If you are familiar with other buying and selling website like Craigslist, this one works quite similar. Interested buyers can contact you over email or your provided contact number. This is where they score over other sell apps which only allow chat between buyers and sellers.

All the worries about the breaching of privacy are in your hand, which is always a great concern. With Dealo, only upon your satisfaction, you can agree for an in-person meeting to finalize the deal. But believe, this is only required if the item for sale has a higher price tag. Else Dealo sell stuff without in-person meet over the phone call itself.

10. Vinted – Clothing Swap

Don’t want to spend on a new dress? Vinted app for buying and selling makes it possible. You can schedule a clothing swap with other registered users with similar interest. Indeed, a wonderful cost-effective and money-saving idea!

However, it’s not free, you have to pay a small commission for the exchange of clothing. Which anytime is almost nothing compared to the price of a new one. So, if you have some big brands in your wardrobe, you can make some good money on these apps with their exchange.

What more, you have many payments options and you can choose your favourite one to pay or receive. However, you can also use this app to sell branded and new products for free. You also get the option to sell stuff outside your state apart from proximity selling.

All major credit card payments are accepted by Vinted to sell and buy stuff near you.

11. Carousell App

Corousell which was built and launched in Singapore but now available in the U.S. market. Not big, but in its initial phase to capture buying and selling app market.

They allow the listing of smallest to big price stuff on their platform to users. Additionally, they make it easy to share your listing on social media for more exposure. This certainly increases your chances to make a sale locally.

Why did this make to our list of buying and selling app?

  • Free download
  • Easy and simple app interface,
  • Quick registration process
  • A detailed listing of the product with 4 images per item

Though, not a big users base but certainly do its job as an selling and buying stuff locally.

12. Instagram

Are you the manufacturer or reseller of items that cater to young peoples? If yes, you must use the Instagram app to promote and sell your stuff locally.

Instagram since its launch always topped on young people’s sharing their life moments. Today, they have one of the largest frequent user-base among social media platforms. This brings in an opportunity to use the it to sell and buy your products.

All you have to do is take a picture of stuff that you want to sell and post on your timeline. Remember to include an attractive description with hashtags and price of products. This will increase your chances to reach more peoples with similar interest and make money with Instagram.

Interested one can visit your site or contact you through the details in your Instagram bio space. The Instagram app is used by many resellers and small-time vendors to make a fortune selling items. Not only individuals, but global corporations now use them to promote their products. Due to such reasons, it made to my list of best buying and selling app.

What next? Start using Instagram to its full potential to sell your stuff locally!

13. 5Miles App

app for selling stuff 5miles

As the name suggests with 5Miles, you get an option of filtering lists within 5 miles of your live location. You can sell anything with the help of their app, except the prohibited items as per there guidelines.

Allowing to list service providers gives them a competitive edge over other selling and buying apps. This feature has made them one of the favourite one among service providers. You can list garage sales, job classified, resume building services, tutoring requirements, etc.

But one thing that generates more interest among seller’s is “Online Skills” section. Here I am listing a few samples what you can sell on app:

  • Services of impersonations of political figures and celebrities
  • Pranksters offering paid prank on your friends or family members
  • Learn skateboarding and Stunt performance

See, quite a unique service that 5Miles sell on their platform i.e. within 5 miles of your current location. A good extra source for service providers to list their services for new prospects.

Download 5Miles buy and sell to start trapping new customer and sell on app your services locally. A great way to make money without any investment easily!

14. Hoobly – Adopt Pets

Do you own a pet store or operate a voluntary pet home? Hobbly is the good news for you if you do. This buying and selling app is majorly used for selling and adopting pets. Though there is no limit what you can sell, this is what the feedback says.

You can download Hoobly app free to make money on your iPhone or Android devices. I suggest this especially for the peoples who operate a pet home for street dogs/cats or other animals.

With the reputation of Hoobly, you can find a pet lover as an owner of your pets.

15. Shpock App

If you use social networking site Pinterest, Shpock will give you a resemble. Shpock is a short form of “Shop in your pocket” with available free download for iOS and Android devices. Upon listing your item for sale, your listing pops up on the map as a big image. Interested buyers can click the image and go through the description of the item.

Success with Shpock buying and selling app depends on the quality of the image you post. As a good image can force buyers to check the complete details of stuff you are selling locally.

Not a bad option for selling your stuff near you!

16. Craigslist App

Craigslist website is the big daddy of local classified for sellers without any doubt. However, Craigslist is just an addition to make things easier for buyers and sellers. All the features that you get with their websites are also available on their buying and selling app.

Among all the selling apps in my list, Craigslist tick all the required criteria of a good one. Huge audience, reputation, availability across all OS makes it a must-have for selling stuff in your neighborhood.

Your chances of selling your stuff locally automatically increase with craigslist. If you are only limited to their website, I suggest you also take advantage of downloading there sell app.

This is a must-have buy and sell app for peoples who are from remote areas. As they cater almost all the zip codes across the U.S. that increase your chances to sell your stuff easily.

17. Bookoo – Yard Sale

Do you organize yard sales or interested in buying stuff locally from them? Bookoo is one of buying and selling app which is built focusing around yard sales initially. Listing your product or sales is done through different local boards. If you are worried about your location, trust they have seller’s boards for even remote location in U.S states.

In case you find no board built for your location for selling or buying. You can request the Bookoo to build the same for you to start selling on their platform.

What’s makes it different from most apps that sell stuff is its social platform. Which helps you add regular buyers or sellers as connections to your profile. Which makes it much more than just a classified and unique from other buying and selling app.

Adding your favourite sellers enormously helps build trust among buyers. With a higher trust score, you are sure to receive more buyers for your stuff.

Try Bookoo to start selling to your local customers free!

Few more apps that helps you buy and sell stuff locally in yard sales.

18. YardSailr

YardSailr allows you to sell your stuff locally with their app. Registration and listing your items is easy with high-quality image and price option. Buyers can easily find a listing on their platform, with location interface and contact you if interested.

If you are a regular seller you can share your listing on your Twitter and Facebook accounts. This makes your listing available for a larger group of buyers.

Start downloading YardSailr buying and selling app free for making money with iOS and Android.

19. Yard Sale Helper

For the peoples who love to buy from local yard sales, here is Yard Sale Helper. This buying and selling app is focused on locating yard sales locally. With easy to use interface you can also list your yard sale on their platform.

To ensure that your yard sale is successful, they allow a detailed listing of your stuff. Like, image, description, and price to help only bring potential customers on the sale day. You can also contribute to the yard sales community with your reviews and opinion.

The only drawback that I can see is the availability for iOS device only. Still, you can use this to list and clear items off your yard sale quickly.

20. Yardsales.com

Want a Genie to help you sell on app your stuff locally?

Here is Yardsales.com with “Garage Sale Genie” pricing tool for all your potential sales. This free tool generates a close value for your selling items. Another feature is “hire helper” within buying and selling app. This is to support sellers clear items faster from there yard sale.

Advertising is another option to get the maximum benefit out of Yardsales.com. With advertisement, you can reach more buyers for all kind of sale l like, yard, garage, moving out and estate sale.

Here are other key features:

  • Virtual yard sales table (applicable only for a couple of items)
  • Free listing for your yard/garage sale
  • Listing enhancement
  • Credit buys for higher exposure of the listing

Start your free downloading of Yardsales.com buying and selling app to clear your items.

21. Yard Sale Treasure Map

selling locally on app yard sale map

How to drive interest buyers right at the exact location of your yard sale? Download free Yard Sale Treasure Map buying and selling app that works with your Craigslist listings. Hence, it is necessary to download the Craigslist on your phone to make treasure map work.

With Yard Sale Treasure Map your job is to list your yard sale date, location and time on Craigslist. This selling app will read your listing and prompt the message to post on their treasure map.

Deal hunters do look for buying stuff locally to make a profit sell on app later. As the number of yard sale hunters as users are quite populated in this app, you can see higher footfall on sale day.

Once your sale is listed in the treasure map, you can promote the same for higher viewership. This app to sell and buy work as an additional promotion alongside the Craigslist website.

22. VarageSale – Garage Sales

For peoples who use garage sales to earn money, VarageSale is one they can try. Their selling community has a presence in all major countries while also catering the local users. Here is what you will get with VarageSale:

  • Free download and use the app for buying and selling stuff locally
  • Huge communities for selling electronic items like smartphones, TV, and games
  • Special and dedicated used and new furniture listing
  • Garage sales friendly
  • Not only this app sells stuff but you can also trade them
  • Communities are allowed to set their coverage parameter e.g. city, miles, etc.
  • Only registered buyers can see the complete seller profile and listing
  • Seller listing may occur in Google searches

Security feature like a mandatory profile picture and real name to avoid scammers. Plus, no meeting possible without following these guidelines.

You can list more items with them when compared to other apps to sell and buy. Categories for New, Used and refurbished items allow you to make more profits. As they insure only profiles of legit sellers and buyers become part of their platform.

In case you find any specious seller, you can them via contact us and provide feedback. All the above features and facilities make it among one of the world’s largest sell on app locally.

Final Words…

As you can see, the above options of the app for selling stuff in your neighborhood are plenty. There is every chance that you may get confused that which buying and selling app is the best?

I guess you have to decide on your motive as these are with many unique features. Figure out which one is more popular among your niche selling or buying community. I have explained which ones work best for different products, hence see in which category your stuff falls.

Again, use these in tandem with buy and sell websites that you are using. This will ensure that you reach to a wider buying base for higher sales.

The above list is compiled keeping in mind sellers who want to sell. But, these can also useful and some of the best buying apps for users. I am sure, you will make a better profit when using these selling and buying app.

Have you tried to sell on app yet? Drop your comments to let me know about your favourite buying and selling app!

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