5 Best Apps For Yoga At Home 2021: Beginners To Advance Yogis!

Yoga is a gift to the modern civilization from the ancients to keep our body and mind fit. It has been around for hundreds of years but now has global popularity. Yoga practitioners’ numbers are on the rise and now is much easier to learn even from home. Keeping that in mind, today I am sharing the 5 best apps for yoga that can help you practice from the comfort of your home.

best apps for yoga at home in 2021 that can help you learn and master yoga with online teachers

World over 50+ million people are taking benefits out of practicing yoga and spending a lot of money. Without arguments, it has a lot of benefits in the modern time when stress levels are at an all-time high.

If you are not yet made up your mind to download one on your smartphone, keep reading and it might change your mind.

Some Benefits For Downloading Best Apps For Yoga At Home In 2021 and Beyond

Yoga itself has a lot of benefits, with the apps the benefits are unending and adds a lot of value. These are great for learning, practicing, and mastering yoga with some incredible features. Let us have a look at a few of them:

Flexibility For Practicing Yoga

I know it is always better to go out and do yoga with your friends in the group and add a lot of fun while learning. But, today it is not easy for everyone to reschedule their daily life according to the time of studios. This is where an app for yoga can help you learn anytime and anywhere you find time to master some asanas.

With flexibility, use your best time to use these apps, which make it must have on your smartphone. You don’t have to change your busy schedule when you can start learning with clicks.

Save Time Traveling To yoga Studios

Traveling to a yoga studio many times a week consumes a lot of time if you do not have one in your vicinity. Not only does it consume a lot of time, but you do not get the required rest after a good yoga session. With a simple yoga app download on your mobile, you can do yoga asanas at the comfort of your home. Plus, encourage your family to take this practice for any age.

Learn From The Yoga Masters

Many of the best apps for yoga at home has lessons with one or another yoga master who knows is an expert in his field. Getting a session from them in their studio is quite expensive, that too if you are lucky to find a vacant seat. With the apps, you get exclusive lessons from experts who are sitting on another side of the world. Also, with feature to get feedback from the community is encouraging to improve further.

Save Expensive Studio Fees

Americans spend about $16 billion on yoga-related products every year. A major part of this spending is on the membership of yoga studios, which cost about $90 a month. The problem is, not everyone stays motivated to go to a studio for a longer period. Hence, the membership fees would go to waste if the studio’s policy is no refund or transfer.

Almost all best apps for yoga have a free version until and unless you think of going for a PRO version. In this case, still, the monthly app purchases would be much lower comparing to the fee of yoga classes.

Set Class Reminders

A feature of the best apps for yoga is setting a reminder. Which is also quite common with any smartphone app. But, it plays an important role if you want to set a schedule for a yoga practice at home. You can set a reminder for timing, goals, and important live sessions as a paid subscriber. Nothing better than someone reminds you of important things in your life!

Track Your Progress

Any fitness routine does have a progress status, which encourages you to reach your goal. One of the features that all the best apps for yoga do have is progress tracking for whatever goal you have chosen. Tracking helps you to perform better, make changes in your Yoga routine and take help when required. Though, a yoga teacher would also help you with these if you choose to go to an expensive yoga studio. With an app, the same can is possible through your smartphone at a much cheaper cost!

How To Choose One From Best Apps For Yoga: The Must-Have Features!

As you can see a Yoga app download has many benefits for users. Now is the time to choose the best one for your need, I am about to mention a few features to keep in mind before going ahead. With these features, you can choose the best one for you and master the asanas at your home.

Yoga Designated App

There are many health apps in the iOS and Android stores that you can search for. But, ensure that the one you choosing a dedicated app for Yoga and not for general fitness. I am sure you are here to read about the best apps for yoga hence, this would be the first thing to look at.

An app that covers yoga must be your first choice, by this, you will not get distracted and stay on the path. Some of the biggest fitness apps brands have their apps, but those cover many things including Yoga.

Simple Interface

You do not want an app to get too complicated, hence check out the interface with free versions. It should be simple to navigate by a clear separation of tabs like videos, live sessions, or articles.

The goal is to practice or learn yoga at home with these apps, hence the interface should be user-friendly. Stay away from apps that display too many advertisements and distractions. Though, display ads go away when you choose to go with the in-app purchases for the PRO version.

Accessibility Across Devices

Another feature that you need to look at is the accessibility of Yoga app download across the device. Be it your smartphone, laptop, or even smart TV, check out the details before downloading. Many times using a smartphone is not that convenient, due to the limitation of screen size. This is where the accessibility with other devices can be helpful.

Live Sessions

Some of the best apps for Yoga do have live sessions which is an added advantage. Yet, this feature is in PRO plans which comes with monthly subscription fees. As shared earlier, if you want In-app purchases, it saves a lot of money compared to yoga studio membership.

Cost Of PRO Version

Remember, you choose to give a mobile app for yoga for learning, free versions have enough to do so. Before going for the paid version, compare the prices among all the best apps for yoga listed below. These should not cost any higher than standard studio fees in case you want to use the advanced features.

Best Paid And Free Apps For Yoga 2021

The apps listed below are not as per my preference level, this is a list that is best in the business. Keep all the above points in mind before you consider downloading them. Many of these have some unique features that make them stand apart from others. But that does not mean that they are the best ones for you. List down all the things that you want, then go for the one that ticks all or most.

Daily Yoga App| Fitness Yoga Plan & Meditation


This is not another app but a personal yoga coach in your pocket if you are new. This is one of the best apps for yoga that is out there in the store for download. Each video, classes, and guides are from professional yogis to keep a high standard.

No matter if you are an advanced or yoga beginner, this apps has you covered for every aspect. Go through the Daily Yoga App review on any online store and you will get to know how good it is.

Some More App Features:

  • 500+ Asanas
  • 1000+ Guides
  • 40+ Professional Yoga Coaches
  • An international community of Yogis
  • 5,000,000+ Installs

It also gives you the flexibility to choose a plan that suits your need and time frame which is apart from the default one. Select by the length of yoga videos that you wish to watch according to availability. The great news is that this is available in multi-language support

The best part, they also have a tracker that helps you know your progress even though smartwatch.

  • Paid Monthly Subscription: $20.99/Month
  • Yearly Subscription: $4.16/Month
  • 2 Years Subscription: $4.12/Month

Download For: Android | iPhone

Yoga | Down Dog

down dog yoga is one of the best apps for yoga on android and iphone

Another recommendation for those who want to learn yoga from your home. This yoga app will not let you get bored with the same routine every day but will encourage you to build one that you love. This is great for people who are new to Yoga alongside those who are in the advanced stages of Hatha.

Down Dog has an instruction voice to explain to you how to do asanas, which will help you master the art faster.

Some More App Features:

  • Different levels: Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle, Restorative, Yin, Ashtanga, Chair, and Sun Salutation practices.
  • Back Pain Reliever
  • Changing Music
  • 5,000,000+ Installs

You can install this app on different devices and it would sync according to your need. What more, the yoga app download also has music which is a great feature for meditation.

  • Paid Monthly Subscription: $7.99/Month
  • Yearly Subscription: $49.99/Year

Download For: Android | iPhone

Glo | Yoga and Meditation App

Glo is one of the top yoga apps taking classes on the go

Glo can be your personised yoga instructor for learning from the comfort of home. They have classes for every age group and level that you fall into.

Choose from many routines that you find the best fit according to your need from 4000+ classes.

Some More App Features:

  • Free To Download
  • Perfect for taking classes on the go
  • Create a collection of your favorite classes
  • Guided program
  • Download Classes
  • 10000+ Installs

Get support from world-call teachers, to learn and master asana through live classes. Support health app and apple watch to track your progress from any time anywhere.

  • Monthly Membership $22.99
  • YogaGlo Membership $22.99
  • Annual Membership $199.99

Download For: Android | iPhone

Track Yoga App

Master the art of yoga with track yoga app

Here is another recommendation for the best apps for yoga beginners can get. Learn step by step guide to help you learn from the expert yogis. As a beginner, you can set your own goals and track progress to help you make necessary changes in routine.

This is a great feature that helps you access which routine is best for you without wasting time. Set reminders on your smartphone to stay on track of the goals you chose.

Some More App Features:

  • Different programs to achieve goals
  • Choose from different yoga classes
  • Yoga poses categories.
  • 500,000+ Installs

Apart from all the other features, they also have a great blog on their website. You can learn many new things before you start your in-app purchases.

  • Premium User $2.99
  • Monthly Premium Subscription $3.99
  • Yearly Premium Subscription $24.99

Download For: Android | iPhone

SARVA – Yoga & Meditation

sarva is one of the best app for learning yoga at home

What better to learn yoga from the place where it started long back. Sarva yoga app has a backup of renowned celebrities from India and Hollywood.

No doubt, this is one of the best online yoga apps that bring you the experience of health and meditation.

Some More App Features:

  • 20k+ minutes of content
  • 300+ Yoga Videos
  • Live yoga modules
  • Personalized progress tracker
  • 500,000+ Installs

Some of the best yoga teachers from India who are experts in 25 different forms are with the Sarva app. When you download on your smartphone, you can have the experience of a studio at home.

  • Monthly Subscription Plan $5.99
  • Yearly Subscription Plan $27.99
  • Quarterly Subscription Plan $10.99
  • Lifetime Subscription Plan $84.99
  • Trimester Subscription Plan $15.99

Download For: Android | iPhone

PRO In-App Purchases Of Yoga Apps: Are They Worth Spending Money?

When you download yoga apps, you can match a studio experience at home. As every one of these apps provides great videos, tutorials, and guides for Yoga lovers. But, free versions have the limitation of only watching pre-selected tutorials.

If you are a beginner, it is always better to use the free or trial version to test the usability. This is where app reviews by actual users in app stores play a major role to make the final decision.

As said earlier, the cost of paid yoga app download is much cheaper than the fee of a yoga studio. Plus, you need time for traveling which also consumes fuel, which again adds to the cost. The best decision would be to start with free and move to a paid subscription for a month or two. By this, you will get to know if an app is worth spending money on.

Otherwise, to save money, there are many alternative listed below:

Best Alternative To Paid Yoga Apps

Not everyone likes to download too many apps on their smartphone that are too related to learning. There are already many related to work, personal life, or social media. That’s why using a mobile app for yoga is not for everyone.

If you are one of those, here are some best alternatives that you can try:

Free or Trail Versions

One of the features that all best apps for Yoga do carry is a trial period or free version. Though the trial period would be for a short period, it is enough to learn without in-app purchases. Yet, if you are an advanced yogi this might not be much helpful.

Still, a free version is enough, but keep in mind the irritating advertisements you have to deal with.

YouTube Yoga Channels

Today, YouTube is the second best search engine in the world for getting the best in topic videos. With many videos on every subject, this is a great alternative for yoga apps. You can subscribe to a lot of yoga channels with millions of yoga subscribers and fresh content.

The best part about using YouTube Yoga channels for learning is that they are FREE to watch. Neither do you need to download on mobile, nor have you to worry about monthly subscriptions. That too with many options of downloading yoga videos over wi-fi to watch later.

Website and Blogs

Way back in time, websites and blogs dedicated to Yoga were the only options online. Today, they are still relevant and put out fresh content for their readers. If you did not want to spend money on paid yoga apps, this is another great alternative. Plus, there are many high-quality websites operated by professional yoga trainers. You can find videos of asanas, charts, diet plans, and merchandise if you may need any.

Conclusion: Best Yoga Apps 2021!

We need to change according to the time no matter if it for learning new skills. The same applies to yoga practice through the apps from the comfort of our home. Many may argue that even if you use the best apps for yoga, these lack the atmosphere. Like instructors, yoga partners, and music. But, almost all the apps today are taking care of these things. I have mentioned how the voice of the instructor is also available on the PRO version of yoga apps. This also applies to music and connecting with the international community.

Your focus needs are on learning yoga, no matter if it is by going to a local yoga studio or using an app. For those who want to save time and money, these apps are a blessing. With these not only you save a lot on membership fees, but use the time on doing home jobs.

Please let me know if you want to add any other app to my list. Or, share the experience you have while using the best app for yoga learning!


What are the best free yoga apps?

5 mentioned apps in the above list are the best ones in the business. Yet, all have different features that score points above each other. The total app download on Apple or Android stores confirms these are the top choices of yoga learners.

How can I do yoga at home for free?

Today it is much easy to do yoga at home for free with the help of mobile apps, YouTube channels, Websites, and blogs. The only thing to do is to choose one which has a high quality of recorded lessons or live classes feature.

Do online yoga classes work?

Yes, they do work depending on the effort an individual is putting. Sometimes it is quite difficult to concentrate during online yoga classes. Still, people do prefer yoga app download due to the flexibility of practicing at the best time.

Why PRO daily yoga apps are expensive?

If you are comparing it to any free version, then they will look like an expensive option. But, if you can check the membership of local yoga studios and then compare the prices. They will look much cheaper and with more flexibility in learning.

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