7 Best Apps For Running Beginners In 2021!

best apps for running for android and iPhone

Running is a great exercise to keep your body healthy any time of the day. People like to do running in a group of friends and family to add more fun to their session. Sometimes, when you are doing this alone for a long time, tends to get a bit boring. Now, there is something that can add fun and your favorite music every time you step out from home. Keep reading and today I will share some of the best apps for running that provide a lot of benefits to their users.

There are millions of downloads of such apps from the Android and Apple app stores. This shows that there is a huge demand and there are many developers still building these. Still, if you are not yet using these, you will get a full insight into how good these are.

So, if you are already planning to download one on your smartphone, you can choose one from my list.

What Benefit You Get From These Best Apps For Running?

The benefits from these apps are many, from tracking to analyzing, music, and so on. But, you need to see the specific features that you want to have in the best running app. Remember, you have to take these during your session and they do not give any help in running. Let us see how these add value.

Track Running Metrics

With these amazing apps, you can track many of your metrics. A few of these are distance, calories burnt, and progress that you made. It is always great to get some data on how you are performing week over week, to improve. Some of the best apps can do the same for you so that you stay on your path. For those who are preparing for any half-marathon or other local competitions. These are a great help to set goals and act without a coach.

Pace Your Run

There is always a need to change your routine for health and hit different music groups. To do the same, you need to adjust which is not easy to track. With a great running app, you can easily do so do pace your run the way it should be. With features like voice alerts, you can get to know where you are on the right path or not.

Motivate To Reach Goal

The real motivation comes from within, still, sometimes you need a little push. Do you have a daily time frame to run to a target distance?

Well, many times it gets difficult due to any reason. The best mobile apps for running can motivate you to go a little extra with tracking.

Personal Coach

A personal coach keeps track of your progress, suggests changes, and motivates you. These things can help on your own if you are a beginner at running. Many apps set goals, provide helpful tips, improve techniques and collect data.

Enjoy Outdoor

If you are a gym guy, running on a treadmill is your only option indoor. There is no doubt that these treadmills are help full and give a lot of real-time data. Still, some things staying outdoor is a better option for health. With these best running apps, you can get some data to help you, plus encourage you to stay outdoor.

7 Best Apps For Running To Try In 2021

You can download these apps to get the best out of your next running session. Above were a few of the benefits, let us see the best from a lot of many apps. It is not that tricky to find the best one for you if you know all the features one has.

Strava Tracker: Record Running


This is among the best apps for running, cycling, and swimming lovers with a lot of unique features. When you download the Strava running app on your mobile, you get the best-tracing feature. For those who love to run away from cities, Stava has a great feature. With their GPS system, tracking of location is easy and the same can be export to compatibles devices.

Measuring performance is another one that makes it stand out. Plus, you can share your progress with your friends and encourage them to join you.

More App Features:

  • Distance Tracker
  • Mile Counter
  • Connect and Share
  • Running Tracker and Training
  • 10,000,000+ Installs

In-App Purchases : $2.99-$60

Download For: iPhone | Android

Runkeeper – Distance Run Tracker

runkeeper an app for running

Start tracking your run with Runkeeper, one of the oldest inclusion in our list of best apps for running. With a simple interface, you get a lot of information that helps you run better.

Analyze your pace with a high amount of accuracy in real-time. This feature is what makes it different from other apps. There are many pre-planned routes for your local area that you can enjoy or find a new one with a map on the go.

Audio coaching allows you to create your own plans for better performance. Audio tracking makes it much easier to make changes without touching your phone.

More App Features:

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Smart Watch Compatible
  • Listen to music on Run
  • Tracking on your mobile home screen
  • Set Fitness goals
  • Share with friends
  • 10,000,000+ Installs

In-App purchases : $0.99 – $39.99

Download for : iPhone | Android

Pacer Pedometer: Running Challenges

pacer is one of the best running app

If you want to turn your mobile phone into a personal health tracker, Pacer is for you. After download, you can start tacking your activity and comparison with historical data. Take challenges with exploring features to take you to the next level of running.

Get all your outdoor running activity tracked and on the map with distance covered. The best is that most tracking features like other best apps for running are free with Pacer.

More App Features:

  • Daily plans made by pro trainers
  • Create running groups locally
  • Track your fitness data
  • BMI tracking
  • Calories count
  • Compatible with fitness watches
  • 10,000,000+ Installs

In-App Purchases : $3.99-29.99

Download For : iPhone | Android

Adidas Running App – Your Run Tracker


There are many reasons you would love to try the Adidas running app. If you enjoy participating in a marathon, this is for you with marathon training. Some of the best features including, map your run with miles, minutes, and calories burnt. The best part is that you can download this one of the best apps for running free from the play store.

How about competing with global users with the help of virtual races through this app? Yes, that is possible and adds a lot of fun to your routine.

More App Features:

  • Comes with GPS tracking
  • Set your own goals
  • Create a Global fitness community
  • Easily connect to many fitness apps
  • 50,000,000+ Installs

In app purchases: $9.99-$49.99

Download For : iPhone | Android

Running App – Run Tracker


A simple and beginner-friendly running app made for helping you track your run. For those who want to start running for weight loss, this is a made-for-your smartphone. Sync all your data, calories burning, GPS routes, and so on with other devices. This app is with different plans to choose from, which will help you to improve faster.

Analyze all your data to help you make necessary changes to your running routine. All this with a clear scientific analyzer to make your run more fun.

More App Features:

  • Weight lose plans
  • Comes with audio feedback
  • Designed by professional fitness coach
  • Pace academy to improve endurance
  • Map your route
  • Analyzes every run
  • 5,000,000+ Installs

In app purchases; $3.99-$39.99

Download For : iPhone | Android

Nike Run Club

NRC running beginners tracking

Another one in this list of best apps for running is from the global brand Nike. Their app is really simple to use and has all the things that help you get an outdoor run. Their audio-guided runs guide you and motivate your to achieve your fitness goals.

Nike Run Club is one of the best running apps for beginners and advanced individuals with many plans to choose from. Download and start to have fun while you take your next run!

More App Features:

  • Full Andoird devices support
  • Tracking of your run
  • Custom and global challenges
  • Sharing made easy
  • Audio guided runs
  • In-run cheers from friends
  • 10,000,000+ Installs

In-app purchases: Free

Download For Free: iPhone | Android

Map My Run by Under Armour


Among the best apps for running training is Map My Run by Under Armour by MapMyFitness, Inc. Doesn’t matter if you are starting to run or an old-timer, this app can help you improve further. Not only running but all the training, exercises, and routine to run better are there.

With every download and In-app purchase, you get many details. Such as ground contact time, stride length, and even foot trike angle.

So, if you want to train like a pro this app for running training is a must-have.

More App Features:

  • Map your run
  • Track your workout
  • Many workout routines to choose from
  • Training plans
  • Wearable connectivity options
  • Data import to analyse
  • Advance running metrics
  • 10,000,000+ Installs

In-App Purchases : $5.99 – $29.99

Download for : iPhone | Android

Coaches Vs Best Apps For Running Tracking

Not everyone needs the same training routines, and that is what coaches come into play. But with so many mobile apps for running, with pre-defined routines how good they are to run better?

There is no doubt there are some of the apps have millions of downloads. Yet, there is no way they can replace the good old-fashioned coaches. With technology, apps are accessible to everyone and get personalized schedules from professionals. Still, there is something that is the mission and cannot replace a real person.

When you download an app for running, the first thing you have to do is set a goal. You need to fill out your personal PRs, preferred schedule, timing, and how fit are you. The rest of the things automate and you will get a pre-defined schedule.

The advantage of these schedules is that you can visualize the detail of your training. These can be good for beginners, but not suitable for an experienced one. Anyway, a real coach can motivate and help you push harder to reach your goal, which is not possible with an app.

Cheating from a coach is almost impossible but can be done easily with an app. Due to which the results might not come out as per your expectation. A great drawback of running app is that you become a master and can easily overpower it.

Performance improves when you keep breathing your best PR and keep making a new one. Wherewith an app, it is much easier to give up and there is no one to make you guilty when you fail. Due to this, you tend to skip tiny but important details for improved performance.

When you download one of the best apps for running track, you get many things for FREE. But, there is no way that they can replace a professional coach!

How Good Are Running Apps For Weight Loss?

There are mainly two reasons one download an app for running training. Either they want to start getting fitter or they want to lose weight without spending much money. Running is one of the best exercises which can be done outdoor or indoor with the same effect. A great exercise easily accessible to anyone, anywhere, and anytime to all!

Running itself has a lot of advantages for complete physical health and weight loss is one of those. If you download an app that has good programs and schedules to follow, you can achieve weight loss faster. Apps provide methods for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. Hence, no matter what stage you are in, take advantage of these.

According to your weight loss target, you need to keep an eye on calories burned. This is not an easy task, but as almost every good app has these features it is easier to keep track. Remember, eating a healthy diet is as important as running, so keep that in mind.

Check out all the best apps for running training and see if they have the HIIT program. There been many studies that have shown that HIIT can help you burn more calories. If not, go for a schedule to challenge yourself. Ensures that it is high efforts and intensity mixtures with low effort and recovery.

For improvement and weight loss, try to choose something more challenging schedule. The more effort you

What Are The Cons Of Running Apps?

A decade ago who would have thought about some fitness or yoga apps helping people stay fit. Today, demand for these apps has increase and people even have more than one installed. But, there is no doubt that some of the best apps for running do have a lot of potentials.

Accuracy of Data

There are tools and devices that help athletes analyze their performance. Such devices, machines, and tools are for pro runners and provide accurate results. The same cannot be said about apps, as there is always a chance of a substantial margin of error. So keep that in mind, when you show off your performance data from any app!

One Routine Fits All

Every running app has fixed routines as per the data you provide when you sign-up the first time. There is no way the same routine of the run is fit for all people who downloaded the app. Many times users tend to stretch beyond their limitations which can be fatal. I can tell from my experience and you too need to understand what kind of limitations you have.

Paid Subscriptions

Running is not difficult, you need to make your mind if you want to include it in your routine. Neither too much complicated data to analyze and access your performance. All you need is to run at different speeds and distances according to your need. A 30 minutes session a day would be enough for most people to stay fit. But, even the best apps for running have their pro plans that cover the deeper topics. Think before you go for the in-app purchases if you need a paid plan?

Conclusion: Do You Need An App For Running?

Not everyone needs an app for running where few who want to improve can take advantage. You need to decide if you need one on your smartphone. Few positives that can encourage are advice from experts and routines. If you are serious about it, is always better to get training from a professional. Apps cannot provide you the feedback nor create an individual program.

Let me know if you are have installed any of above mentioned best apps for running. Also, please suggest if you want to include any other app in this list.

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