Best Apps For Note Taking On iPad 2021

best apps for note taking on iPad in 2021 students can choose

So, you want to note down some of your classroom notes and research but don’t know which are the best apps for note taking on iPad in 2021. Do not worry, you are not alone in this. Many who have not used any of such app in past find it difficult to know the features before choosing one to buy.

The note taking apps market has exploded in recent years, with many different options for students of all ages. This article will help guide you through the pros and cons of some popular ones on Android and iPhone.

I have been writing about different apps for workouts, surveys, and so on for quite some time now. But, feel like writing something about educational apps, so here we go:

What Is A App For Note Taking?

These apps are mobile application that allows you to take notes, write memos, and document ideas. You can use these for almost anything from taking lecture notes in college classroom to documenting research progress for graduation.

There are many out there in the market that you can try and we will be reviewing some of the best one for iPhone and Android.

The prime job of these apps to help students take notes faster, smarter, and save time for their studies.

How Can A Note Taking App Helps Students?

Classrooms are getting technologically advanced day by day, and students have to keep up with the changes. This is where these apps can help students in different ways.

Saves Times on Notes Transfer

Gone are the days when students were taking notes by hand and later typing them on their PC or laptops at home. With this, the process involved in writing and copying notes has become much easier.

Students can easily take notes by typing directly on their iPad or laptops or choose to use recording lectures. Later, using a speech-to-text conversion tool in note taking apps such as OneNote is a great time saver.

Handwriting or Misspellings

Students need not worry about tough handwriting or typing skills now. Many of these apps comes with voice recorder and it will be automatically converted into text for them later. They no longer need to spend time making corrections after transferring written notes onto the computer screen.

Edits or Read Notes From Anywhere

The best part of this is that students now have access to all devices with installation. These notes can be accessed anytime from anywhere to edits, make corrections, improvement or adding references from web pages.

Sharing Made Easy

Sharing notes for improvement or further studies is now made easy with note taking apps, as students can share notes and collaborate with their peers.

This makes taking help or giving help to another student faster than ever before. Hence, some of the best apps for taking notes on iPad, Windows, or Android are quite common now.

All of the above are must have features that makes the best apps for note taking on iPad, Windows and Andoird devices.

How To Select Best Apps For Taking Notes?

Like any other product, you should always know what you want from an app that you wish to download. In the case of note taking, few things need to be check before you start using it.

Let us see what features are there is a good one to choose:

Designed For Note Taking

The note taking app should be designed for keeping students in mind and not just a taking notes feature in an all-inclusive productivity suite. You want the ability to make notes on your phone, laptop, or desktop without any restrictions.

You need to figure out if the app has features such as highlighting of text, annotating images with shapes and arrows, voice memos, etc. All these are more useful than just typing free form notes into a box onscreen like typing on a blank document.

Easy To Use Interface

The next thing you need to check if how good is the interface of the app and it is simple to use. Think about how you are going to use the note taking app daily and what types of features will be available.

Ideally, it should be easy to use and understand during fast-paced college lectures with little room for error. Features like using drag and drop web references, shifting between typing and writing to be checked.

Availability Across Devices

With the use of many different gadgets these days, the availability of the app on different devices needs to be there. If an app can be accessed for a PC and phone equally, becomes a lot easier.

The note taking apps that allow for note syncing across the devices are more convenient and practical to use. This means, when you save the note on your mobile during traveling, the same can be accessed on your home PC.

Connectivity and Offline Usage

Note taking apps with the option of offline mode are a boon for people who love to be on the go. However, it becomes difficult when you are using an app that requires an internet connection to access your notes and make edits. That means if there’s no wifi or data available then note editing can’t happen.

This is where note syncing comes into play yet again because even if an application doesn’t have its system for note saving, synced notes will always be accessible across devices irrespective of whether they’re connected or not.

Value For Money

If you are serious about the note taking app, then paid options are the ones to go with. However, most come at different price points so you can easily find one that fits your budget.

A good app always comes with a trial or free version to check the features. Before paying for any app, ensure that you go through the free version.

These apps for note taking comes in different price points so you can easily find one that fits your budget.

Best Apps For Note Taking On iPad (Paid Versions)


Notability is quite new and it’s only available for iPad. However, if you use an iPad to take notes during your college classes then I recommend this note taking app to you.

Notability for iPad is one of the best mobile apps for note-taking in 2021

With a different experience than taking notes on your notebook, this app will change your whole experience. Altogether, it is easy to use and has the feature to integrate PDFs, images, and voice in your notes.

Does your professor explain with a lot of graphs and illustrations?

Well, Notability has you all covered for the same as you can draw doodle, illustrations, and sketches directly on their interface. These are the same kind of things that I loved during my younger days in school.

With a variety of layout options available to fit the needs of every student for studies. One of the features of this best app for taking notes is dropped and drag from one window to another.

Check out this app which cost $8.99 +


Noteshelf is another good option for college students using iPad. Feature-wise this is as good as the previous option Notability like split-screen, PDFs, etc.

Noteshelf is another good option for college students note taking on ipad

Somethings, writing notes on a go is quite difficult, that is why Noetshelf comes with a voice notes option to help you. What more, you get multi-language support for 65 different ones. This alone makes it great for students from around the world.

This app support exporting your class notes to Google Drive, Dropbox,iCloud, and even Evernote.

Price: $9.99


Evernote is another note taking app that works across all of your devices. With Evernote, you can easily take, find and share notes with others on the go or anytime as long as you have an internet connection.

Evernote is another note taking app that work across devices

Notes are synced to all of your other devices automatically so they’re always available when needed. No matter if it’s at home, in the class, or out on the go. You can also pin comments onto specific parts of any note for quick reference later down the road – even if someone else created them.

For those who want more than just text, sketches come with recording messages with clipping related to studies from any webpage. Later you can find any text through their search feature which is a nice few times we need to remember only tend of notes we made in a hurry.

This is among best apps for taking notes and is compatible across iOS and Android devices without any difference. When on your PC, you can also use Evernote from any browser which is a great help.

If you want to try this one of the best note taking app, it comes with a free version. The in-app purchase option is always here in case you find it suitable for your classroom needs.


Notion is another addition to our list of the best app for note taking on iPad that college students must try. With features like to-do lists, longer posts and calendars make it perfect for taking notes during classes.

notion app for classroom note taking

Want to make a copy for all of your notes for keeping different versions?

Well, with Notion you can duplicate your notes with their inbuilt templates without much of a hassle.

Though, some features that are available with Noteself and Notability cannot be found in this. Still, overall a nice to have on your iPad as this also comes with a free version.

With the free version, you get unlimited blocks, pages that can be shared with up to 5 guests. Like any other good app for taking notes on iPad pro, this also allows you to sync all your device for notes.

Personal Plan Pro: $4.00 month.

Best Note Taking App For iPad For Free

Here are options that are free to use and widely used around the world. Though these are free but do have utilities that can help you take notes faster during your class in college.

Apple Notes

Apple Notes is one of the note taking apps for iPhone and android that comes preinstalled with every iPhone or iPad.

you can take notes by hand or type your text along with using illustrations and sketches. The biggest advantage of Apple notes is that it comes with iCloud and other iOS devices.

That means, every time you create any notes, it goes straight to iCloud and can be accessed from another device too.

Cost: Free


Penultimate is one of the note taking apps for iPhone and Android that lets you take notes on a digital canvas with your hands. You can also type your text note or use the in-built sketch to make it visually attractive.

The best thing about the penultimate app is duplication functionality, which helps you copy any note at a single tap from another device too. The drawback is having not much storage space available although Apple Notes has some limitations too.

Cost: Free

Conclusion: Do Apps For Taking Notes Worth It?

The note taking apps for iPhone and Android have their pros and cons. But overall they are great for helping out students in their studies.

If you are not yet sure about the usability, better to use a few free versions and make your mind. Without it, there is no point to go for paid note taking app apps.

You will need to spend some time before deciding whether a particular one is the best apps for note taking on iPhone or not. As these, all offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages.


What is the best note taking app for students?

There are many good apps out there to choose from the above list. Check out the features of lists from the official site and compare each other as per your need. It is better to do your research instated of reading reviews and opinions made by others.

What is the best FREE note taking app for iPad?

FREE Apple notes without a doubt do have enough features to help you in your note taking. It is simple and easy to use without much difficulty, and sync across devices. You can access your notes through iCloud anytime and anywhere.

Is Evernote Better Than Apple Notes?

Yes, Evernote scores much higher than Apple notes. But the latter is free where you have to spend a monthly subscription on Evernote.

What is the best note taking app for PC?

Many apps from the above-mentioned lists available for web browsers. Please see which one you like the most for PC otherwise choose best apps for note taking on iPad from our list. from our list.

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